2 Sri Lankan cricketers have become bus drivers in Australia to make ends meet

International cricketers from Sri Lanka are now working as bus drivers in Melbourne, Australia. Accompanying them is a former Zimbabwean international cricketer who is also driving a bus in the same city. All three of them work for Transdev, which employs more than 1,200 employees and offers transport services to the people residing in the city.

Former Sri Lankan spinner Suraj Randiv and Chinthaka Jayasinghe are now employees with Transdev and drive passengers around the city. Former Zimbabwean cricketer Waddington Mwayenga is also working as a bus driver.

The cricketers are quite fulfilled with the job and they are still hopeful to play cricket in the Big Bash League of Australia. All of them also practice regularly and are ready to get a chance in cricket again.

All three former cricketers are settled in Melbourne and make their living by driving the bus. Currently, the economy and government of Sri Lanka have crashed and the citizens are protesting against the government to restore order. But we are not sure when these cricketers decided to leave the country and take up another job in a foreign country.

The Australian transport minister said that there can be any famous popular personality on the driving seat of the Transdev bus. Even many passengers sometimes recognise the cricketers and interact with them.

Former Afghanistan Foreign Minister driving an Uber

High-profile ministers seldom live an uncomfortable life around the world. But Khalid Payenda, who once presented a 6 billion USD budget in Kabul now drives an Uber in Washington DC. In an interview with The Washington Post, Khalid said that he earns a little over 150 USD in a day’s work.

About seven months after the Taliban took over the country, Khalid was spotted driving his Honda Accord in the USA. In the interview, Kalid also said that he is working every day to complete his targets. “If I complete 50 trips in the next two days, I receive a $95 bonus”, he said while driving the car.

Sayed Sudaat, who is the former communication minister of Afghanistan was spotted in Germany as a delivery man. Sadaat moved to Germany last year in December. He was spotted in Leipzig city on a bicycle with a massive courier bag on his back.

In an interview, he said that a job is a job and he does not mind. Sadaat could not find a job in Germany that matches his skills. He holds degrees in communication and IT and was not able to find any suitable jobs in the country. With the Taliban closing in, many ministers and dignitaries left Afghanistan last year.

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