Standing out of a sunroof in a moving car is stupid: Kia Carnival passengers show why [Video]

Electric sunroof and panoramic sunroof on cars, hatchbacks and SUVs have become common in India. It has now become a quintessential feature in cars and many customers actually ask for it. Most people who opt for a vehicle with sunroof do not know the real purpose of it and if you ask them, most of their reply would be almost the same. People in India mostly use sunroof to stand out of the vehicle when it is running. This is a dangerous stunt to do and we have mentioned about the same in the past as well. Here we have another video that shows why it is a stupid idea to stand out from the sunroof of a moving vehicle.

The video has been uploaded by Latest Car Update on their YouTube channel. In this video, a Kia Carnival is seen on a narrow road. There are two people who are standing out of the sunroof. Unlike other cars that we have in the market. Kia offers two separate electric sunroof. Two people are seen standing out of the rear sunroof and the driver is driving the MPV forward at a decent speed. Both the people standing out from the sunroof pose for the video and pictures and can be seen facing the camera that is outside the vehicle.

As the MPV approaches near the camers, the driver increases the speed and suddenly applies brake after crossing the camera. The people who were standing outside the sunroof were not expecting anything like that and as they were not holding on to any part of the vehicle, they smashed there face on the roof of the MPV. The video ends there but, we know from this short clip that, both of them would have suffered minor injuries. This video is a perfect example that shows what not to do with a sunroof. We hope that the people standing on the roof were not seriously injured in any manner.

Standing out of a sunroof in a moving car is stupid: Kia Carnival passengers show why [Video]

You can clearly see the face of the person standing out hitting the roof and he is in shock as he is still figuring out what just happened to him. If the Kia Carnival was being driven at good speed, the chances of people standing outside the sunroof thrown away are high. If something like that happens then the person might even get serious injuries. Many cases have been reported from different parts of India in the past where the kite strings dangling on the way have slit throats of people standing out from the sunroof of cars. If these reasons are not enough, then you should know that standing out the sunroof of a moving vehicle is actually illegal and police can actually fine you for the same.

Electric sunroofs have now become a feature in many budget cars. This is definitely a good feature and completely changes the look of the car. This is a good way to let more fresh air into the cabin without actually opening the windows. Opening windows might create drag and noise. It would also make the cabin look more airy especially if you have dark coloured interiors.