Standing out of the sunroof of a moving car is dangerous: Proof

Sunroofs have recently gained immense popularity in India. Despite the Indian subcontinent’s less-than-ideal weather conditions for utilizing sunroofs, there are numerous individuals who consider having a sunroof as a crucial factor when choosing a new car. Occasionally, people even opt to install aftermarket sunroofs in their vehicles solely to differentiate themselves and feel significant. However, this concept is rather imprudent, and the following video featuring Kia Carnival passengers clearly illustrates why.

The video depicts two individuals protruding from the sunroof of a Kia Carnival on a narrow street. The Carnival model provides the convenience of dual sunroofs, enabling two people to easily access them. It appears that their intention was to create viral content for the internet. As the Carnival accelerated, both individuals began striking poses for the camera.

However, an obstacle suddenly appeared, prompting the car’s driver to apply the brakes abruptly. Caught off guard by the unexpected halt, both individuals who were protruding through the sunroof collided forcefully with the car’s roof, resulting in painful injuries. Although the impact must have been painful, the situation could have been far worse. They could have been ejected from the moving vehicle, leading to severe injuries. Similar incidents have occurred in the past, emphasizing the importance of exercising caution in such situations.

Standing out of the sunroof of a moving car is dangerous: Proof
Men standing out of Kia Carnival’s sunroof

Although the video concludes shortly thereafter, it manages to capture the shell-shocked expressions on both of their faces. Hopefully, they have learned their lesson from this experience and will refrain from attempting to protrude through the sunroof again.

Getting out of the sunroof is illegal

Standng out of a sunroof or any window of a moving vehicle is considered a stunt on public roads and is strictly prohibited by law. In fact, all passengers in India are required to wear seatbelts while the car is in motion. Failure to do so may result in a substantial fine imposed by law enforcement. In previous cases, the police have issued penalties to motorists who have engaged in sunroof-related activities on public roads.

Sunroofs are primarily designed to facilitate air circulation in vehicles. However, in India, where many cities suffer from high levels of pollution, the practicality of using sunroofs for their intended purpose may seem questionable. This is why some individuals believe that sunroofs are meant to be opened and utilized for standing, allowing the wind to directly hit their faces.

Keeping the windows open while driving at high speeds can lead to direct airflow into the eyes, potentially causing issues. On the other hand, sunroofs are designed to recirculate the air within the vehicle without significant wind disturbance. However, many individuals misuse the sunroof opening to stand out from the vehicle, which poses an extremely dangerous situation, particularly for children. Sudden braking can result in them being ejected from the vehicle, and there’s also a risk of debris, such as small stones from other vehicles, striking and causing injuries. Furthermore, the presence of electrical wires poses a serious threat to those hanging out of the roof.

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