Starting a 1997 model Tata Sumo MUV after 12 years

Tata Sumo was one of the popular SUVs from Indian manufacturer in the 90s. Tata had launched the Sumo is the market back in 1994 and it quickly gained popularity in the country. It was even used by several government agencies for a very long time. Tata Sumo actually got its name from former Managing Director of the company Mr. Sumant Moolgaokar. It was a very popular people mover in the country and was popular for its rugged looks. Here we have a video were a bunch of vloggers actually try to start a Tata Sumo that has been sitting idle in the car porch for almost 12 years.

The video has been uploaded by Yathra Today on their YouTube channel. The vlogger and his friend describe their plan in the beginning of the video itself. One of his subscriber had told him about a Tata Sumo that has not been used for the last 12 years. Vlogger and his friends have done with many other cars in the past. They take up the challenge and visit the house where the Tata Sumo has been parked for almost 12 years.

The owner of this vehicle moved to a different house and since then he has not used it. The current owner mentions that, it was their first vehicle in the family and that is the reason why he had not sold it to anyone. The condition of Sumo was quite pathetic. It was all covered in dust and had spider webs on the inside. The vloggers takes the key and opens the door which has almost been eaten away by rust. They carefully open the bonnet and check for water in radiator and check engine oil as well.

Starting a 1997 model Tata Sumo MUV after 12 years

Radiator was completely dry so, they filled it up and engine oil was still there. They were carrying batteries and they installed it after replacing the discharged one in the car. Before starting, then even check if the car had any fuel in it. Luckily it had some diesel and it was pumping properly as well. They try starting the car but, as the car was not in use for the last 12 years, it was taking time. The quality of the fuel inside the filter was quite bad so, they take it out and come up with an alternate method to get fuel into the filter.

They also remove the fuel injector pipes and check for any blocks. The pipes were all good. They fix the pipes back and try starting the car using the key. The car not showing signs so they start fiddling with more things inside the car. After several unsuccessful tries, they finally bring the engine back to life. The thick black smoke comes out of the exhaust and spreads in the area. The owner was quite happy and he mentions that, the subscriber had told him about the vlogger and that is the reason why he agreed to it.  Sumo was in working condition, it is just the body that has rust issues. The drive it forward and then park it back in the shed all the tyres on this were flat. Tata Sumo was powered by a 19 litre diesel engine that generates 68 Bhp and 118 Nm of peak torque.