STOLEN! Kejriwal’s loses his blue WagonR

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s iconic blue WagonR has been stolen. The car was stolen from outside Delhi Secretariat, which is headed by Kejriwal himself. The blue WagonR became famous when Kejriwal started his election campaign in 2013 after forming the Aam Admi Party.

STOLEN! Kejriwal’s loses his blue WagonR

The blue WagonR was extensively used by Kejriwal but later he shifted to the Toyota Innova that was given to him for his official use from the government. However, Kejriwal continued using the blue WagonR as his personal vehicle too.

The Delhi Secretariat is one of the most secure locations in Delhi and theft of a vehicle is no small deal. Numerous cars and bikes are stolen from the street of Delhi every week but this kind of theft is quite bizarre. The details about the theft are still scarce at the moment.

Car theft and how to avoid it?

Thieves target vulnerable cars that can be easily stolen without getting noticed. You can follow a few steps to make sure that your car remains protected.

  • Park your car in a visible spot where there is a lot of public movement. At night, try to park your vehicle under a street light if you park on the street.
  • Always use an additional layer of security like steering lock or gear lock to keep your vehicle safe.
  • Use central locking alarms. Invest in one if your car is not factory fitted with it.
  • Use a GPS device in the vehicle to know it real-time position. Nowadays, new devices can send you alert about unauthorised car starts and door openings.
  • Never keep original registration certificate of the car inside the vehicle, it can be used by thieves to sell the vehicle easily.