Stop checking vehicle documents says Mumbai police commissioner

Mumbai police commissioner, Hemant Nagrale has given strict orders to the traffic police to not stop vehicles just to check vehicle documents. He said this after noticing traffic jams because traffic police were checking vehicle documents. He asked the traffic cops that the priority should be managing the traffic instead of stopping them for small reasons. The order also said that the cops would be charged if they are found doing the same.

Stop checking vehicle documents says Mumbai police commissioner

The order was issued by Hemant Nagrale on July 29th. The order said, “It has been observed that some traffic officials stop vehicles to check them and their documents. This leads to traffic snarls. Traffic cops are not supposed to check vehicles; they should give preference to streamlining traffic movement”.

The order also said, ‘traffic cops should take actions against violators apart from that, and no vehicles should be checked. Even if there is a joint nakabandi with RTO officials or local police, traffic cops should stick to actions specified under rules. The cops should not do any other checks. If these orders are not followed by the traffic cops, the in charge of the traffic division will be held responsible for it’.

Stop checking vehicle documents says Mumbai police commissioner

We have seen this happen a lot of times when the traffic cop would stop the vehicle just to check the documents of the vehicle. The vehicle has to stand at the side of the road which causes a traffic jam. Many people have registered complaints against this as it causes further delays.

A senior police officer also commented on the situation. He said, “We have seen a few cops stop vehicles to check the documents of drivers or vehicles in the middle of the road. This checking leads to traffic congestion; we have received so many complaints regarding the same. The checks are totally unnecessary. The traffic cops should focus more on keeping traffic running,”

Traffic, a big concern in Mumbai

Congestions and traffic jams are a big concern in Mumbai. One of the biggest reasons for these traffic jams is the bad conditions of our roads. Recently, because of a big pothole, there was massive congestion in Mumbai. The traffic police did complain to BMC T-Ward about the situation but no one arrived because no one was available.

Stop checking vehicle documents says Mumbai police commissioner

This was when two constables decided to take the action into their own hands. They found a nearby construction site and brought some debris from there. They filled the debris into a wheelbarrow and brought it to the pothole. They used that debris to fill the pothole so that at least the traffic can move at a higher speed.

The name of the constables was Sanjay Wagh and Sahebrao Chavan. The incident happened at Mulund Check Naka. People clicked pictures of both of them and thanked them. The pictures went viral on the internet.

“Construction work was going on nearby but no worker was around. The two cops went over the site,  loaded the debris onto a wheelbarrow and picked up a spade. Motorcycles were inconvenienced and our colleagues often face the burnt as we posted on the streets through the day.” said, a traffic cop.