Stop! Don’t Buy These Cars

In order to make your car buying decision easier every now and again we present to you the ‘don’t buy these cars’ story. The idea behind the article is that if there’s a facelift or a model upgrade imminent, then why invest in a car that will be leaving the market soon. Here are five cars that will soon be replaced by a new version:

Chevrolet Sail Hatchback

Chevrolet Sail Hatchback

The Sail hatchback relies heavily on the practicality aspect, but in the sea of hugely competitive and better-equipped rivals, it seems to be a little lost. According to the buzz in the industry, the current generation vehicle can be shown the door in mid 2016.



Whether or not it is the Onix replacing the Sail as GaadiWaadi predicted remains to be seen. Most likely the car will be in for a model year update, with a better feature set, given that the competitors have got safety conscious.

Chevrolet Cruze


The Cruze is, true to its name, one of the straight line champions. It still looks muscular and not really out of place, even years after it was originally launched. While the 2017 Chevrolet Cruze, which gets an updated platform and a totally new design, will take some time before coming to India, the company is planning to refresh the line-up with a facelift.



The car in question will get an improved features list, a slightly tweaked styling, inclusion of MyLink infotainment system (touchscreen) and even new look alloy wheels.

Tata Aria

Tata Aria Featured

If you look at the past few months’ sales figures, then Tata hasn’t really sold more than a handful of Arias in that duration, often registering single digit numbers. Now these can be the last of the lot because the Aria is soon going to be replaced by something that has generated a lot of interest already, the Hexa.


While the platform is likely to remain unchanged, the Hexa will be a very different offering from the company. With better looking exterior, a new interior, and features like a Terrain Management System (as one of the earlier spyshots pointed out), the Hexa will have a wider appeal, too. The engine will be a 2.2-litre VariCOR 400 unit that makes 156 hp and a whopping 400 Nm of torque. While a six-speed manual gearbox will be standard, an optional automatic unit can be also be made available.



What was once the least expensive and a very popular BMW, the X1 has surely seen the sales figures go away. The inclusion of 1-Series in the line-up might have not helped BMW, but the competition has increased in the past, and the X1 is in a dire need of an update – one that signifies its position in the line-up, too.


Fret not, because BMW has got that covered. There’s a new X1 out in the International market already, and it should be headed to India this year. Expected debut is at the 2016 Auto Expo next month. The new X1 is bigger, looks better, and runs on a new front-wheel drive platform but we’re likely to get the AWD versions only.

Audi A4

Audi A4

The current generation A4 (B8) has been around for a very long time. And while it has been a very successful car for the company, thanks to the brand value and the high levels of overall fit and finish of the product, it has started to look boring. Add to that the fact that younger Audis have been included in the line-up which look and perform just as well.

Audi A4

Much like its rival, the 3-Series facelift, the new Audi A4 is also expected at the 2016 Auto Expo. Engine options are unlikely to change, but with new styling, a weight loss regime, and the same levels of Audi-ness injected into it, the new A4 is going to be a very interesting market proposition. And much better than the current car, too.

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