Strangest ways people have done Ladakh

Every year we see few truck load of pictures from the most beautiful region of India, Ladakh. The northern-most part of the country offers some picturesque views and breathtaking moments. There are billions of people trying to complete their Ladakh dream every year but few of them take very unusual means to the region. Here are 10 strangest vehicles people have used to reach Ladakh.

Cycle Rickshaw

No dream is too big if you work towards it with all you have. This rickshaw puller from Kolkata will echo the same words. After pulling the rickshaw for 68 days through Jhakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir, the 44 year old finally reached Khardung La.


Satyen Das entered the Guinness Book of World Records for achieving this feat which has never been done by anyone before. He did the journey to promote eco friendly transport and world peace.

IndoFarm Tractor


We often see these work horses doing heavy jobs inside a field or pulling ungodly amount of load through the village streets. Who knew they can also perform well in the harsh conditions of Ladakh which is situated few 1,000 metres above the sea level?


The 65 BHP 3065DI tractor was used for the expedition in a bid to claim Limca India Record. The team of three people drove the tractor from Kurukshetra to ladakh with maximum speed of just 37 km/h. The total distance covered by 3,623 km in 14 days. The tractor was also pulling a heavy caravan specially designed to accommodate the team of three during the journey.

Bajaj Chetak


The Bajaj Chetak has been the first ride on two-wheels for most of us. No one has ever thought that the mere down to earth family scooter that was once most selling scooter of India conquer the Ladakh.


Narender Kumar Gautam, a teacher from New Delhi was set on an adventure of his own with 2-Stroke Bajaj Chetak. There were many issues with the old school scooter while it scissored through the high altitude mountain passes but it did conquer some of the world’s most dangerous roads including Marsimik La.

Redbull Formula1


These high-performance Formula1 cars with technology from the future are strictly restricted to the racing tracks. The Redbull team took up an usual challenge of taking their Formula1 car to the world’s highest motor able road in Khardung La.


Special permissions were taken to drive the racing machine on public roads as these are not road legal cars. Redbull team did use flatbed truck to transport the car through few sections which also throws big challenges to the most capable SUVs. The 900 BHP Formula1 car reached Khadung La successfully making it a first and only Formula1 car to do that.

Lamborghini Huracan


The two door sport car from the Italian manufacturer is one of the most potent cars in the world. The car is so low that it can’t be driven in the Indian cities properly because of the road conditions, imagine driving it to the world’s highest motor able mountain pass where the roads are as good as a freshly ploughed field.


The Huracan does offer adaptive suspensions with maximum ground clearance of 175mm, which is similar to most of the hatchbacks. A national magazine, AutoCar took the car powered by 5.2-litre V10 engine that produces a massive 602 BHP can be a one hell of a job to drive in such terrains.

Image Source: AutoCar

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