Strom R3 affordable electric car revealed in Mumbai!

With almost everyone predicting that electric vehicles will be the future of automobiles, many new players are launching their products in the market. One such start-up is Strom Motors, a Mumbai-based company that showcased its first ever electric car. The vehicle has been designed for urban cities with heavy traffic. Let’s find out all about the vehicle.

What is it about?

Strom R3 affordable electric car revealed in Mumbai!

The Strom R3 is an urban mobility solution that is specifically designed for areas with heavy traffic. The electric vehicle is not a car but a reverse trike with two wheels at the front and a single wheel at the rear. It will be offered in three configurations – R3 Pure, R3 Current and R3 Bolt. There will be two range options to choose from – 80 km and 120 km. The vehicle will go on sale by the end of this year and will carry a sticker price of around Rs. 3 lakh.

The top of the line Strom R3 Bolt gets a standard range of 120 km while the other two variants get a range of 80 km but it can be upgraded to 120 km. All the variants are powered by the same electric motor that develops a maximum power of 17.4 Bhp and peak torque of 48 Nm. The engine gets a single-speed planetary transmission.

Strom R3 affordable electric car revealed in Mumbai!

The Strom R3 can be charged completely in 6-8 hours and it also gets a fast-charging system that can charge 80% of the battery in just 2 hours. To increase the range, the vehicle uses electronic regenerative technology that recharges the battery every time the brake is used. The battery capacity of the vehicle is not known yet. The company also offers single pedal driving as an optional feature that eliminates the need for separate pedals in the vehicle. Users can brake and accelerate using the same pedal.

The two or three seater Strom looks quite unique in its reverse trike form. It gets a large sunroof and alloy wheels at the front. It is small enough to take on city traffic comfortably and weighs only 450 kg. It gets a two-tone body paint with three colours to choose from. The vehicle gets McPherson Struts suspension at the front while the rear gets a dual shock absorber system. There are disc brakes at the front and drum brake at the rear.

Strom R3 affordable electric car revealed in Mumbai!

The cabin comes in two different configurations. There are either two captain seats or a bench seat that can squeeze in three. It gets features like an air conditioner with climate control, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, customisable user interface and voice-activated features. The infotainment system offers 20 GB of optional onboard space, a navigation system, WiFi connectivity and more. Other features like keyless entry, park assist, rear camera, power windows and 3-point seatbelts are standard. The vehicle also gets a luggage compartment at the front and rear.

The company has started taking bookings for the Strom R3 and as many as 30 orders have been placed. The deliveries are expected to start in November 2018. The car will get ARAI approval in next 6-8 weeks and will be the first of its kind product in the Indian market.