STUCK Isuzu V-Cross reveals 5 mistakes that could have been easily avoided [Video]

Off-roading is still evolving as an adventure activity in India. There are number of groups in various parts of the country which arrange such off-road activities for interested SUV owners. We have seen several videos of SUVs doing off-road in groups. There are several Dos and Don’ts while one is doing such an activity and it is very easy for amateur to get into trouble if he is not alert or attentive enough. Here we have one such video that shows an Isuzu V-Cross that is stuck. This video reveals most mistakes that people normally make while off roading.

The video has been uploaded by KPL Expeditions on their youtube channel. The vlogger starts by simply explaining the task that he plans to do in the video. He, along with couple of his friends, are in the forest and plan to drive back to their place. On the way they will be coming across many obstacles which the vlogger plans to cross without engaging 4×4. He plans to do off-roading with just 2WD in the Isuzu. He crosses a river and within no time, he comes across a water filled sandy part where the car gets stuck. After several tries, the Isuzu finally gets out but this situation could have been easily avoided if he had used 4×4. Here we have 5 mistakes that the vlogger did on video.

STUCK Isuzu V-Cross reveals 5 mistakes that could have been easily avoided [Video]

Mistake #1: NOT using 4X4 at the right time

Use 4X4 across obstacles. Vehicles with 4X4 have the four wheel drive mode for a reason. It’s always a better idea to carry momentum into an obstacle rather than shifting to 4X4 after getting stuck (after losing momentum).  Using 4×4 mode, in low range, greatly boosts torque. In the V-Cross, the torque gets multiplied to 700 Nm, and this makes crossing obstacles a lot easier.

Mistake #2: Going off the road without a support vehicle

In many cases, not having a support vehicle to pull you out means getting stuck. This is what happened here as well, and people finally managed to extricate the V-Cross, but not without considerable effort. Sometimes, human power is simply inadequate to recover a vehicle off the road. So, it is recommended to have a backup or support vehicle while doing such activities.

Going off the road with highway terrain tyres

Tyres play a crucial role in off-road activities. Highway terrain tyres are meant for cruising on highways and good roads, not off roading. While off roading, you need grip, and at the bare minimum, you need all terrain tyres. Better still, opt for mud terrain tyres. Here in this video the V-Cross did not have either mud or All Terrain tyres.

Mistake #4: Not lowering tyre pressure

Just like the tyre, the pressure in them also matters. Even if you have no other option but, to go out off-roading in highway tyres, then it he least you can do is to lower tyre pressure. Lower tyre pressure increases grip by increasing contact area of the tyre. This was also something that we did not see vlogger do on video.

Mistake #5: Not walking the obstacle

As seen in the video, the vlogger did not check any of the obstacles before crossing them. If you don’t walk an obstacle, you will not know which is the best line to take, especially in slush or while crossing water. This meant that he had no clue about the right line to take. So, getting stuck was highly likely.

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