Student goes to wrong NEET exam & gets very late: Cops drop her to the right center just in time [Video]

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) was conducted on May 7th, and over 20 lakh aspirants appeared for it. The Avadi City traffic police in Tamil Nadu helped a girl student reach her exam centre on time after she mistakenly went to the wrong one. The two traffic officers received praise from everyone.

A viral video on social media shows the policemen stopping the vehicle just outside the correct centre, and the girl running inside to write her exam. According to the police, V Anandhi, an 18-year-old student from B R School, Titturani, had gone to the exam centre at Jayagopal School in Avadi. However, officials at the centre denied her entry after inspecting her admit card.

Anandhi had arrived at the wrong centre. When the two traffic in-charge personnel posted outside the centre learned about this, they helped the student reach the correct exam centre. The traffic police asked the girl student to sit in the car and drove her to the correct centre just in time. The correct examination centre, Vivekananda Vidyalaya in Thirumullaivoyal, was a few kilometres away from the wrong centre where the girl had gone.

Student goes to wrong NEET exam & gets very late: Cops drop her to the right center just in time [Video]

The traffic constables, Dhanasekaran and Dinesh Kumar Samy, were praised by the Avadi City police after the video became viral on the Internet.

Another girl wrote an exam inside an ambulance

Student goes to wrong NEET exam & gets very late: Cops drop her to the right center just in time [Video]

Earlier this March, Mubashshira Sayyed, a 15-year-old class 10 student from Mumbai, showed remarkable courage and determination by taking her SSC exam while lying in an ambulance, just three days after being involved in a car accident. She was returning home after her exam when a car ran over her left foot as she crossed a road. Mubashshira is a student of Anjuman-I-Islam’s Dr MIJ Girls High School in Bandra.

While in the ambulance, Mubashshira wrote her two-hour science 2 (biology) exam with the help of a writer, Noorsaba Ansari, who is also a student from Anjuman-I-Islam’s Dr MIJ Girls High School. Sister Arockiammal Anthony, the principal of St Stanislaus School, supervised the exam inside the ambulance while a police officer and a peon served as guards outside.

Girls running to examination centre after traffic jam

In February this year, we saw a viral video where a group of girls were running to the exam centre due to a traffic jam. The group of girls began running towards the examination centre in the Kaimur area as they were running late. They were afraid that they wouldn’t be allowed to take the exam if they didn’t arrive on time. As they realized that the traffic jam they were caught in wouldn’t clear in time, they decided to run towards the exam centre to make it on time.

Most of the girls who had headed towards the examination centre were accompanied by their parents or had ridden in autorickshaws. However, they had all gotten stuck in traffic jams, which had left them immobile. To avoid wasting their time in the traffic jam, the girls abandoned the vehicles and started running towards their examination centre with admit cards and pens in their hands in the middle of the NH-2, Mohania.

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