Students keep on fighting after getting hit by Honda City; Car seized [Video]

In a very bizarre incident which happened in broad daylight in Ghaziabad, two young men, who were fighting in the middle of the road, were hit by a speeding car in the middle of the road, but they continued fighting after falling. A video of the whole incident has gone viral on social media platforms, which has attracted the attention of several netizens.

In a video we can see a group of young men, who possibly look like college students, are seen fighting in the middle of the road, beating one man. The video is said to be from the Masuri area of Ghaziabad in the National Capital Region (NCR). The reasons behind the fight which got erupted in the middle of the road are yet to be known. However, what’s clear is that the young men created a blockage in the middle of the road while fighting, leaving no space for the moving cars on the road.

However, the video progresses with the crowd dispersing off when they saw a white-coloured Honda City speeding toward them. This white-coloured City hit two of the men, who were still seen fighting in the middle of the road. As a result of this, the two men are seen flying off their feet, with the slipper of one of the two men seen flying in the air.

Keeps on fighting after getting hit

Students keep on fighting after getting hit by Honda City; Car seized [Video]

What was more surprising is the fact that despite being hit by the car and falling to the ground after being blown away in the air, the two men didn’t stop fighting. Both of them immediately got up and started confronting each other, with the matter escalating into a fight in the middle of the road. However, it is said that all the young men started fleeing the spot when they saw policemen arriving at the spot. The policemen who came to the spot managed to catch a few of them, who created such a ruckus.

According to an official statement given by the Ghaziabad police, the brawl took place in the Masuri police station area, with the speeding Honda City hitting some of them. The students who got arrested by the police have been taken into custody after the initial investigation. Till this statement came out, the students were said to be under arrest in the Masuri police station.

In addition to the arrests, the Ghaziabad police have also seized the white Honda City, which hit the students. In its statement, the police added that strict action will be taken against those who will be found guilty in this case.

Police from all over India are now using videos as evidence to issue challan to violators. Even in this case, the police used the video that went viral on the Internet to issue challan to the car owner and arrest the students.

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