Study reveals that Android phone users are better drivers than iPhone users

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. When it comes to smartphones, there are usually two team. First one is Android phone users and the other is iPhone. Both Android and iPhones have their own merits and demerits. Have you ever thought that the type of smartphone that you use influences your driving or driving style? Well, that is what exactly a recent study has now revealed. The study revealed the nature of people using iPhones and Android phones. According to the report, Android phone users are better drivers than iPhone users.

Study reveals that Android phone users are better drivers than iPhone users

As per the findings that were recently published on Jerry, a smartphone car insurance comparator, Android smartphone users are considered to be better drivers when compared to iPhone users. The data has been derived after analysing the driving behaviour of 20,000 drivers collected during 13 million kilometres of driving. Android smartphone users always performed better in all the test when compared to iPhone users.

The report said, “Jerry analyzed data collected from 20,000 drivers during 13 million kilometres of driving over a 14-day period. The data generated an overall driving score as well as sub-scores for acceleration, speed, braking, turning, and distraction. Then we grouped the results by smartphone operating system and various demographic characteristics.” It mentioned that iPhone users are most likely to check their phones while driving than that of an Android phone user.

Study reveals that Android phone users are better drivers than iPhone users

Age plays a crucial role in such studies and the report reveals that most of the iPhone users were younger than the Android users and this plays a crucial role in safe driving. The study mentions that older the person gets, smaller the risk appetite of a person becomes. However the same cannot be said about the young drivers, as they are quite adventurous in nature and do not fear as much as older ones do.

The study conducted by Jerry also mentioned that the Android phone users were a lot more open and honest than iPhone users. It also mentioned that Android users are not drawn toward luxury like iPhone users. Android users, as per the study, were more conscientious, exhibited higher levels of honesty, and “feel little temptation to break the rules.” The iPhone users, on the other hand, were less consistent and predictable in their behavior. They showed higher levels of emotionality.

Study reveals that Android phone users are better drivers than iPhone users

In India, using of mobile phone while while driving is strictly prohibited. According to Indian Motor Vehicle Act it is an offence. Even using headphones while riding  two-wheeler is not allowed. Using Bluetooth devices to listen to music or attend calls while riding is strictly prohibited for two-wheeler users. Car drivers on the other hand can play music inside the car while driving but only after making sure that it is not causing any disturbance to other road users. Mobile phones can be used by both car and two-wheeler users from navigation. Other than that holding the phone while driving is an offence. Several incidents have been reported in the past where motorists get distracted while using phone and get involved in accidents.

Via: India Today

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