Two men stunt in a Maruti Esteem: Cops BUST them after video goes viral

Public roads are full of uncertainty, especially in India. Uncertainty makes the roads a dangerous place and performing stunts on it can make it even more dangerous. Two youths in Delhi were filmed performing some dangerous stunts using a car on the public roads of Delhi. The video has gone viral and Delhi Police has fined the two men for illegal activities.

Stunting on public roads is illegal in India and most of the countries around the world. A video has recently become viral which shows a man using skating shoes on the roads. Moreover, the skater can be seen holding the trunk of a sedan, which is a Maruti Suzuki Esteem. The other person can be seen sitting on the window sill of the vehicle and half of his body is out of the vehicle.

According to Delhi Traffic Police, they have issued a fine to two men. The stunts were performed on the new Delhi-Meerut Expressway, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi recently. The exact location where the video was shot is between the Akshardham and Sarai Kale Khan stretch. The time of the incident is not known. However, from the video, it seems like the stunts were performed late into the night when the roads become secluded. However, a number of cars can be seen on the stretch as it is a major arterial road in Delhi and traffic from other states pass through it too. The Maruti Suzuki Esteem can also be seen changing lanes with the skater hanging behind. The video of the incident has been made from a second car, which was following it on the way.

Two men stunt in a Maruti Esteem: Cops BUST them after video goes viral

Delhi Police has officially said that the two youths have been identified and a fine has been issued under Section 84 of the Motor Vehicle Act. The police have imposed the dangerous driving rule against the men. It is not known if the owner of the vehicle has been fined or the two men have been fined who were performing the stunts. Delhi traffic police have also not released the names of the identified men in the video. However, the cops have said that the men seen in the video are residents of Aya Nagar, which is an area on the outskirts of Delhi.

Skating requires smooth surface and if a bump had come their way, the skater could have lost his balance and the whole thing could have turned into a disaster. Such stunts on the public roads also grab the attention of the other motorists on the roads, which makes it even more dangerous. In the past, the Delhi Traffic Police have taken steps to curb such stunting around the popular areas like India Gate by setting up barricades. However, incidents like these are difficult to predict and can only be tracked by the cops after it happens. It should be noted that the new MV Act amendment bill has passed the Rajya Sabha and soon all the fines and challans will go up several times. The new act is aimed to reduce illegal activities on the public roads by hiking the fine amount by multiple times.