Stunt rider doing wheelie with two girls on bike becomes viral: All get arrested

Mumbai stunt wheelie with 2 girls

A biker was recently spotted doing stunts on the public roads of Mumbai. The rider was caught on camera around BKC with two girls on the motorcycle. Mumbai Police arrested the man on Sunday along with the two girls who were seen on the bike.

The incident became viral after social activist Mushtaq Ansari posted a video of the stunt on his Twitter account. Ansari posted a few videos of the bikers performing dangerous stunts on the public roads in Mumbai without wearing any protective gear. The video shows the rider performing a wheelie with one woman sitting on the fuel tank and another one sitting on the pillion.

After the video became viral, Mumbai Police registered an official complaint in the BKC police station. All three of them were booked under sections 279 (rash and negligent driving), 336 (endangering human life or safety of others) and 114 (abetment) of the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the Motor Vehicle Act on Friday.

Stunt rider doing wheelie with two girls on bike becomes viral: All get arrested

Deputy commissioner of police fo zone 8 Dikhsit Gedman informed that the rider was identified as Faiyyaz Ahmad Azzemullah Qadri and is 24 year old. He is a resident of Wadala with previous cases registered against him. “He had previous cases registered against him at Wadala Truck Terminus police station as well as Antop Hill police station. Being wanted by the police, he kept changing his address. We tracked him down to his current address in Sakinaka and arrested him,”

Gedman also said further investigation is underway. Ansari, who uploaded the video has been named in the FIR filed by the traffic police as the source of information. On the arrests, he said, “I guess they must have arrested Qadri based on his previous criminal records. When I made the complaints on Twitter, all I wanted was the police to be firm with these stuntmen and come up with ways to deter them from endangering their own lives as well as others,”

Challan based on videos

Performing stunts on public roads is against the law, and those who break it may face hefty fines and imprisonment. Engaging in such activities may lead to trouble for several reasons. To practice stunts or record videos, one should opt for private property such as race tracks or farmhouses. It is essential to note that stunts of this nature are highly risky.

Metropolitan areas nowadays feature a comprehensive CCTV network, which is monitored by a team of law enforcement officers. These officers issue challans by tracking the registration numbers of violating vehicles. Nevertheless, several online challans are inaccurate due to faulty number plates. Incorrect challans can be disputed via the traffic police’s grievance portal. Recently, the government and the authorities have endeavored to raise the challan fee. The hike in fines aims to decrease the number of violations and enhance road safety.