KTM rider going around corner brushes against car; crashes

We have seen numerous videos of biker groups rash-riding on the plains. While people can get away with such rash riding on the plains, it can be unforgiving on the mountains as seen in this video. A group of riders going uphill were spotted riding rashly on a helmet-mounted camera. The video later shows how a car crashed into one of the riders.

The incident’s exact location remains unknown but has likely happened in Himachal Pradesh. The riders were spotted riding on relatively empty roads, which might be the reason for their rash riding. While riding side-by-side, a few riders of the group take corners while leaning and some of the bikers go on the opposite lane.

As they were going through a blind turn, a car coming from the opposite side hits one of the riders on KTM RC390. The rider loses his balance and falls down on the edge of the road. He somehow survives falling down the mountain road.

The rider behind the KTM RC390 somehow saves himself from hitting the car. It could have been a nastier accident. The edge of the hatchback hit the bike and it also got damaged.

How to ride in mountains

KTM rider going around corner brushes against car; crashes

Mountain roads are replete with “blind turns,” where you and oncoming traffic may not see each other until it’s too late. The straightforward solution is to consistently remain in your lane. Maneuvering on mountain roads can be exhausting due to frequent turns, which may tempt you to slightly encroach into the opposite lane while navigating a curve. However, it is crucial to resist this temptation at all costs. If you find yourself becoming fatigued, it is advisable to take a break.

On winding mountain roads, there are instances when it becomes exceedingly difficult to observe oncoming traffic during turns. Under such circumstances, attempting to overtake can be perilous. Firstly, your speed is typically high, and secondly, you might find yourself side by side with the vehicle you intend to pass, leaving no room for a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. It is advisable to only make overtake manoeuvres on a straight stretch or when the curvature of the road allows for clear visibility of oncoming traffic.

Most mountainous regions feature sharp turns that limit the visibility of the road ahead. When navigating blind turns, it is crucial to exercise utmost caution. It is imperative to refrain from veering into the opposite lane or attempting to overtake other vehicles in order to maintain speed. Engaging in such actions is one of the primary causes of accidents in mountainous areas.

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