STUPID motorcycle accessories that do more harm than good

There is a huge market of motorcycle accessories in India and there are many who buy the accessories without thinking much about it. Since motorcycles are one of the most common vehicles on the Indian roads, we get to see numerous accessories that can be extremely dangerous and can do more harm than good to a bike. Here are ten such accessories.

Tractor-style exhausts

Aftermarket exhausts are banned in India but there are still many who install loud exhausts on their bikes. Tractor-inspired exhaust has become a new trend and many villagers install it on their bikes. Here is a tractor-styled exhaust on Hero Splendor. Since the exhaust is mounted close to the rider, and it is very loud, it can cause deafness to the rider. Also, it becomes very hot and obstructs the view of the rider.

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Extra-wide tyres

STUPID motorcycle accessories that do more harm than good

Extra-wide tyres on motorcycles can make them look very different on the roads. Since the tyres are very wide and much heavier than the stock ones, turning the bike can become a pain. Also, manoeuvring the bike at slower speeds can be extremely difficult. It also affects the mileage and performance of the bike.

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Extra lights

STUPID motorcycle accessories that do more harm than good

Installing auxiliary lamps on a motorcycle can be useful to ride on pitch dark roads. However, too many of them can be extremely dangerous. The lamps can blind any other motorists coming in your direction. Also, the extra number of lamps draws more power from the battery. Poorly positioned lamps can also blind the rider.

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Fur seat

STUPID motorcycle accessories that do more harm than good

Aftermarket seats like fur and other silky material can be very dangerous as they do not provide the grip with a rider needs while riding the motorcycle. Hard braking can cause the rider the slip and can be in a difficult position. This is why stock seats are designed to grip the rider well.

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Pressure horns

STUPID motorcycle accessories that do more harm than good

Pressure horns are illegal in India and many other countries because they are extremely loud and cause deafness to the people in front. Also, such pressure horns increase noise pollution by a great deal. Since no OEM manufacturers pressure horns, their quality is substandard and can cause electrical failure in the vehicle.

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Extra-wide crash guard

STUPID motorcycle accessories that do more harm than good

Many people put on the extra-wide crash guard, which can make the handling of the bike quite difficult. The extra-wide crash bars can disbalance the motorcycle and make it difficult to ride through thick traffic of the city roads.

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Multi-colour headlamps


Well, the do look in the movies and the display bikes. However, in real life, multicolour headlamps are illegal. Multicolour headlamps reduce visibility incredibly and can cause accidents. This can also blind the driver of the vehicles coming from the opposite side of the road.

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Removing rear mudguard

STUPID motorcycle accessories that do more harm than good

Rear mudguards do a lot more than just sitting there and making the bike look complete. During the rainy seasons and in general times, the mudguard saves the bike from direct splashes caused by the rear tyre of the bike. If the bike goes through a bigger puddle, the whole back of the rider can get splashed. This is why rear mudguard needs to be in place.

Light strobes

Light strobes are used to gather attention on the roads. That’s by emergency vehicles and in emergency situations, strobes are used. Using them behind a regular two-wheeler can be very dangerous. Since the light flashes at high speed, it gathers a lot of attention. Also, strobes flashes can blind the person behind you and they can simply run into your vehicle.

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