STUPID motorcycle accessories that do more harm than good

There are numerous accessories that are available in the market and are quite useful. While there are many others that can do more harm than good to the vehicle. Motorcycle accessories are quite common in India but there are quite a few of them that can turn out to be disastrous. Here are ten such accessories.

Tractor-style exhaust

While aftermarket exhausts have become quite common in India, there are a few aftermarket exhausts that can be extremely dangerous. Here is one such tractor-styled motorcycle exhaust installed on a Hero Splendor. The exhaust installed on the bike can be extremely loud and can cause deafness to the rider. Also, it is a weird position that can obstruct the view and since it becomes very hot, it can hurt the rider accidentally too.

Tractor tyres

Ultra-wide tyres on motorcycles can make them look very different on the roads. However, since the tyres are very wide and much heavier than the stock ones, turning the bike can become a pain. Also, manoeuvring the bike at slower speeds can be extremely difficult.

Extra lamps

While installing an extra pair of lamps in strategical positions can be extremely useful on the bike, too many of them can cause more harm. Extra lamps draw extra power out of the battery and also causes blindness to the driver of the vehicles coming from the front. Installing the lamps too close to the eye level can also result in poor vision.

Fur seat

Aftermarket seats like fur and other silky material can be very dangerous as they do not provide the grip with a rider needs while riding the motorcycle. Hard braking can cause the rider the slip and can be in a difficult position. This is why stock seats are designed to grip the rider well.

Pressure horns

Pressure horns are illegal in India and many other countries because they are extremely loud and cause deafness to the people in front. Also, such pressure horns increase noise pollution by a great deal. Since no OEM manufacturers pressure horns, their quality is substandard and can cause electrical failure in the vehicle.

Extra-wide crash guard

There are many kinds of crash guards available in the Indian market. Especially for Royal Enfield motorcycles. However, it should be known that extra-wide crash guards can be a difficult accessory to handle. This widens the total width of the bike making them difficult to ride through the traffic. Also, the wide guards can increase the weight of the bike and can disbalance the motorcycle after it hits a pothole or after making a sudden manoeuvre.

Multicolour headlamp

Well, the do look in the movies and the display bikes. However, in real life, multicolour headlamps are illegal. Multicolour headlamps reduce visibility incredibly and can cause accidents. This can also blind the driver of the vehicles coming from the opposite side of the road.

No rear mudguard

Rear mudguards do a lot more than just sitting there and making the bike look complete. During the rainy seasons and in general times, the mudguard saves the bike from direct splashes caused by the rear tyre of the bike. If the bike goes through a bigger puddle, the whole back of the rider can get splashed. This is why rear mudguard needs to be in place.

Strobe lights

Light strobes are used to gather attention on the roads. That’s by emergency vehicles and in emergency situations, strobes are used. Using them behind a regular two-wheeler can be very dangerous. Since the light flashes at high speed, it gathers a lot of attention. Also, strobes flashes can blind the person behind you and they can simply run into your vehicle.

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