Sunny Leone Dumped Mercedes, BMW For MG Gloster: She Explains Why [Video]

Suuny Leone's MG Gloster

Lately we have been coming across several cases of flooding from different parts of the country. Not just villages but, even metropolitan cities get flooded during heavy rains. For people who own cars, this season is a nightmare as they have to look for higher grounds to park their vehicles. Hundreds of car get affected every season. Even cars owned by celebrities are not spared. Bollywood actress also lost three cars for heavy rains in Mumbai. After this, she decided to buy an MG Gloster.

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Sunny Leone shared her conflicted feelings about the Mumbai rains, revealing that she finds them enjoyable only when she can remain indoors. She expressed frustration over the challenge of water seepage into her home during heavy downpours. Sunny also voiced her concerns about the extra taxes linked to buying imported cars in India. This issue deeply affected her, especially when she lost three cars, including her Mercedes-Benz GL-Class luxury SUV, to the Mumbai rains.

Sunny did not disclose details about two of her flooded vehicles, but it’s probable that her BMW 7-Series was one of them. The third car she owned remains undisclosed. Driving cars through flooded roads is not advisable.

Sunny Leone Dumped Mercedes, BMW For MG Gloster: She Explains Why [Video]
Sunny Leone’s MG Gloster

While some SUVs are designed to wade through water to a certain extent, the position of the stock air intake is typically lower to the ground, making it easy for water to enter and cause damage. Electrical problems can also arise in cars due to this issue. Repairing such cars, especially luxury models, can be a costly affair.

Some manufacturers do offer service camps and discounts to customers whose car are flood affected. Even then, repairing such cars is a pain for the customer.

Sunny Leone Dumped Mercedes, BMW For MG Gloster: She Explains Why [Video]
Sunny Leone’s 7-Series

Sunny Leone purchased the MG Gloster last year, affectionately calling it an “Indian truck.” She now uses this SUV as her primary mode of transportation and has moved on from most of her luxury cars in India.

One of the main reason why we feel Sunny Leone would have bought this SUV is because it is less expensive to maintain when compared to the German luxury cars she owned in the past. It offers a spacious cabin and imposing look of an SUV that customers often look for.

The MG Gloster is currently the flagship SUV manufactured in India, offering a luxurious and spacious experience. It directly competes with vehicles like the Toyota Fortuner in its category. Ford Endeavour will also be its rival when it gets reintroduced in the Indian market. However, when compared to its rivals, the MG Gloster is less expensive.

Sunny Leone Dumped Mercedes, BMW For MG Gloster: She Explains Why [Video]
Sunny Leone’s Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Introduced in 2020, the MG Gloster stands out with its premium features. One notable feature is the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). MG Gloster was one of the first SUV in its segment to offer this feature in the segment. The ADAS includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Detection, Automatic Parking Assist, Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and other advanced safety features. When the SUV was introduced in the market, these were premium features however, now manufacturers like Mahindra, Tata, Hyundai offer these features in vehicles from lower segment.