Sunny Leone driving in Kerala: Feels like another car will come from wrong side & smash me

Most of us who have driven the developed countries or even neighbouring countries like Bhutan and Sri Lanka will know that driving in India can become stressful. That is because most motorists and pedestrians do not follow the rules and one needs to be extra careful on the roads to avoid an accident. Sunny Leone, who is in India and is shooting for her upcoming movie said that she feels like another car will come and smash her vehicle. Why did she say this? We explain.


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Sunny Leone is currently in Kerala, India where she is shooting for an upcoming movie – Shero. While preparing for a chase sequence, she said that “Driving on the wrong side of the road, driving on the wrong side of the car but on the right side of the car and road. Driving in India, it is wired and feels like someone from the opposite side will come and smash me.”

Sunny Leone driving in Kerala: Feels like another car will come from wrong side & smash me

Why did she say it? Well, Sunny Leone is from Canada and spends most of her time in the USA. Both these countries are Left-Hand-Drive, unlike India that follows the Right-Hand Drive rule. Since Sunny Leone is driving in India, she feels like she is driving on the wrong side of the road. That is why she feels like that another vehicle will come from the opposite side and will smash her vehicle.

Driving with the left hand

It is quite evident from her hand position on the steering wheel that she is much more used to driving on the roads that follow Left-Hand drive. Her left hand is on the steering wheel while the right hand is free near the window. It is evident that is used to keep her right hand free for the gear lever just like people of RHD countries keep their left hand free for the shifter.

While most cars that Sunny drives are automatic, it is just out of habit that people tend to keep the hand that they will use on the gear shifter free to do any changes. That is what happens in the video.

India is a RHD country

Most of the countries in the world follow the left-hand-drive rule. Even our neighbouring countries like Bhutan follow LHD. So why does India follow RHD? Well, there are about 55 countries in this world that follow RHD. Most of the countries that follow the RHD were colonies of Britishers, who introduced these rules. The United States, which also was an RHD during the British rule shifted to LHD as it wanted to escape anything imposed by the Britishers. Since it was in the novice stages of infrastructure development, not many changes were needed.

However, by the time India became free from the British colonisation, almost every road infrastructure, signalling, turns were made according to the RHD system. It would have been a major effort in terms of time and cost to shift the same to the LHD. That is why we remained an RHD country even after Independence.

The story behind RHD and LHD is quite interesting and long. It all started with horses and how quickly the warriors could take out of the swords.