Sunny Leone wants a Pink Ambassador [Video]

Indo-Canadian actress Sunny Leone has become quite popular in India. She has featured in multiple music videos and movies in India has a fan following too. Well, Sunny spends a lot of time in India but she also stays in Canada and the USA where she owns a few exotic cars. During a recent interview, Sunny Leone revealed that a Hindustan Ambassador is her dream car and she would love to get one in the future.

The video from Mashable India shows Sunny on the co-driver seat and her husband in the rear seat of the car. Sunny reveals that a customised Hindustan Ambassador finished in a glittering pink colour is her dream car. However, since she cannot drive cars with a manual transmission, she wants an automatic transmission set-up in the Ambassador, which sure is a quite of work. Sunny further said that she also wants the cabin to be fully customized. She wants pink and white interior without any leather as she anti-animal killing and is also an activist for PETA.

She owns a limited-edition Maserati Ghibli Nerrisimo in the USA and she gifted the car to herself a few years back. The actress drives around in a BMW 730 Ld in India, which was gifted to her by Daniel Weber, her husband. She says that she likes cars a lot and she has been spotted in various cars in India.

Sunny Leone wants a Pink Ambassador [Video]

The Hindustan Ambassador has discontinued from the Indian market a few years ago after decades of being in production. It was the first car to be made in India and was the only passenger car that was getting made in India for a long time. The Ambassador was discontinued in 2014, 57 years after its production started, which makes it the only car to be in production for so long in India.

The Hindustan Ambassador became an extremely popular car in the 1980s and the 1990s. Everyone from the politician to the actors was using it and the sedan was way ahead of its time too. The Ambassador came with monocoque chassis, which ensure a spacious cabin space, which became a USP of the car. Also, its heavy build quality made it a safe car, which is why the Ambassador became popular with the politicians. In its last years, the Ambassador was launched in a few derivatives including a pick-up truck but with stiff competition in the market, the popularity of the vehicle plummeted.

The Ambassador remains one of the finest cars in the country and many collectors still have it in their garage. Peugeot, the French carmaker has bought the rights to use the name and we may get to see the revival of the Ambassador name in the future.