Sunroofs kill 2 kids: When sticking head out of car sunroof turned deadly

In two separate, tragic incidents reported from the national capital, three-year-old Sanchi Goyal and four-year-old Harry were killed while they were looking out of car sunroofs. The Manjha thread used for kite flying slit their throats. Both kids fell back into the cars and succumbed to their injuries even as they were rushed to hospitals.

Sunroof Tragedy

Following these incidents, the Delhi government has banned the sale of Chinese-made Manjha (kite string). While Manjha, especially of the Chinese kind, kills many during India’s Kite flying season, sticking heads out of car sunroofs is also very dangerous.

Kid sticking head out of car sunroof

Here are some reasons:

  1. An emergency braking maneuver by the driver can throw the person looking out of the sunroof, out of the car. The forces generated during hard braking are very high. During emergency braking, even a parent holding a child tight when the latter looks out of the sunroof may not to be able to secure the kid from flying out the car.
  2. Accidents can cause the person looking out of the sunroof to be thrown out of the car. Roll over accidents can be even more dangerous, crushing people hanging out of the sunroof.
  3. Debris from the road can hit the person in the eye. Other injuries may also result. Debris is generally thrown up in the air by other vehicles’ tyres, particularly from heavy vehicles.

Via DailyMail