‘Super cool features every car must have: EcoSport’s emergency assist to Innova’s auto-dipping headlamps

Modern day cars are a blend of performance, features and comfort. Cars have become an important part of the lives and manufacturers offer a long list of innovative and cool features to attract the customers. However, there are a few features that are super cool and should be a part of every car. Here are five such features.

Gesture sensing boot release – Ford Endeavour

The new Ford Endeavour offers a very cool and practical feature that can be very useful in everyday life. The new Endeavour offers the gesture-sensing tailgate release that can be used when there are bags in both the hands. The gesture-sensing can be used without keeping things on the ground. This is something that everyone can be useful in every car. It is a powered tailgate that makes operating it quite easy.

360 Camera – Nissan Kicks

The 360 cameras are quite common in luxury, high-end cars. However, for the first time, an affordable car came with the 360-degree camera. Nissan launched the Kicks in the market that gets a 360-degree camera system. The feature seamlessly stitches the feed captured from the various cameras placed at different spots in the car and shows the all-around view of the vehicle. It is quite useful while taking the vehicle to cramped places and through crowded streets. It is also quite helpful to park the vehicle in tight places.

Emergency Assist – Ford cars

Emergency assistance is a very useful feature that automatically sends the location to the pre-saved contacts in the system during an accident. It also contacts the emergency services that ensure immediate help to the accident victims. Ford currently offers the features with their line-up including the affordable vehicles like EcoSport. It is something that is very useful and all the cars should come with it. Soon, vehicles like Hyundai Venue and MG Hector will also come with similar emergency assistance feature.

Automatic door protectors – Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda offers one of the most innovative features in their vehicles. Their flagship vehicle in India – the Kodiaq offers a unique feature that protectors the edges of the doors. Whenever the doors are opened, a plastic cladding comes out and snugly fits the edge of the door. It is a very neat feature and ensures that the vehicle does not need any aftermarket door protectors. This is a very clever feature and something that will be very useful in all kinds of vehicles. The feature was first launched by Ford in the international market but the Kodiaq is the first and the only car to offer the feature in the Indian market.

Auto levelling headlamps – Toyota Innova Crysta

Auto levelling headlamps are extremely useful and also make the roads safer too. Most affordable cars offer the manual levelling and it is one of the most unused and unknown features. The automatic headlamps ensure that the throw of the headlamp beams are always optimum and also keeps the beam away from the eyes of the drivers of cars coming from the opposite.

Shantonil Nag

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