Super luxurious Tempo Traveller wants to be a Toyota! [Video]

The Force Tempo Traveller is a popular choice of families going on holidays and fleet operators in India. It is available in various sizes and is the best-selling bus in the segment. Even though there are luxurious alternative choices available in the market, people prefer buying the Force Traveller and then modify it to meet their requirements. Here is a similarly modified Force Traveller that has been modified and gets the Toyota TRD looks.

The Traveller seen in the video by Vijin Vinod shows thorough modifications done to the vehicle’s interior and exterior. All the changes are very tasteful and make the traveller look very sophisticated. Starting at the front, it gets a new blacked-out grille that looks heavily inspired by the Toyota Land Cruiser. The front also gets a customised bumper that gets the integrated lamps. Even the headlamps have been given a smoked effect with LED inserts. With the changes, the Force Traveller looks much more premium and much different from the stock version of the vehicle.

On the sides, the traveller gets a lot of new additions too. The most eye-catchy change in the modified Traveller are the alloy wheels. The aftermarket alloy wheels add a new look to the minibus and make it look extremely good. Other additions on the side are the steel pipes that protect the body in case it hits a rock or a divider and gives a very premium look to the bus. It also gets a new window line that is illuminated and can be switched on at night to make the bus look special.

Super luxurious Tempo Traveller wants to be a Toyota! [Video]

At the rear, the modified Force Traveller gets a new add-on plastic grille that mimics the design of the grille placed at the front. It also gets a “TRD” badging on it. The rear windows are now tinted in dark colour, giving a very premium look to the set-up. It gets a new bumper in the rear with integrated LED lamps and chrome-tipped dual exhaust tips. Also, there is a roof-mounted spoiler that also gets an integrated LED lamp that works as a brake lamp.

Just like the exterior, the interior of the Traveller has been modified too. It gets leather-wrapped 3X2 seating. Also, there is ambient lighting, retractable window curtains, and an LCD TV mounted in the front alongside four speakers. It sure looks very premium. The features like AC vents and other plastic parts have been updated to make the cabin feel more premium. The whole roof has been turned into a beautiful art piece with soft light falling from behind.

Even the driver’s cabin has been updated with various additions. It now gets a touchscreen infotainment system at the front for the convenience of the driver.