Super LUXURY lounges by DC Design: Maruti Swift to Toyota Innova Crysta

Super LUXURY lounges by DC Design: Maruti Swift to Toyota Innova Crysta

Dilip Chhabria is probably the best-known Indian car designer. DC, as he’s popularly called, has produced cars like the Tarzan movie car, the DC Avanti sportscar and the TCA concept shown at Auto Expo 2018. Chhabria’s design house DC Design is better known for customising cars for the rich and the famous in India. DC design also offers custom interiors for regular cars seen on Indian roads, which enhance their luxury or sporty credentials. Here, we take a look at ten of the best car interior modifications by DC Design.

Toyota Fortuner

Dc Lounge Toyota Fortuner Interior Rear Seat

The Toyota Fortuner is the SUV of choice for Indians looking for a large-size SUV. The modified interior you see above is a heavily customised version of the ones found on the current Fortuner. The lounge-like interiors of the Fortuner offer loads of luxury options for passengers in the rear. These include leather upholstery, reclining rear seats, a massive TV mounted on a partition separating passengers at the back from the driver and a premium entertainment setup. Adding to the lounge vibes are the mini bar and the ambient lighting.

Toyota Innova Crysta

Dc Lounge Toyota Innova Crysta Interior Rear Seat

The Toyota Innova Crysta is the go-to MPV for Indians and DC Design’s custom interior takes this family carrier to a whole new level. The interiors of the Innova Crysta get a wooden trim, white leather upholstery, reclining seats, and a chiller. The large TV is mounted on the partition separating the driver from the passengers at the rear.

Tata Aria

Dc Lounge Tata Aria Interior Rear Seat

The Tata Aria was Tata’s large luxury MPV/SUV crossover and came packed with a host of features. DC Design took the luxury levels up to 11 when they customised the interiors. The DC Aria interior sports white leather upholstery, dark faux-wood trim, massive recliners, a large TV and what appears to be a chiller. The interiors of this Aria was something that would put luxury limos to shame.

Mahindra XUV500

Dc Lounge Mahindra Xuv500 Interior Rear Seat Image

The Mahindra XUV500 also got a lounge treatment from DC design. The second and third row of seats have been replaced by massive recliners. Both the front seats feature large displays at their backs, and the entire SUV is done up in tan leather upholstery. The DC XUV500 also gets faux-wood trim panels and ambient lighting.

Hindustan Ambassador

Dc Lounge Hm Ambassador Interior Rear Seat

If every Hindustan Ambassador’s interior was like the ones modified by DC design, we don’t think our netas would have given them up. The modified Amby interior gets a new reclined rear bench with leather upholstery, massive amounts of faux-wood trim, a driver partition, two displays, tray tables and four rear AC vents.

Renault Duster

Dc Lounge Renault Duster Interior Rear Seat Image
The regular Renault Duster’s interiors look quite spartan compared this one, modified by DC Design. This customised Duster cabin features a white, black and tan interior theme. The seats are wrapped in white leather and the ones at the rear are recliners. The backs of the front seats also play host to a display each and the Duster gets faux-wood inserts as well.

Nissan Sunny

Dc Lounge Nissan Sunny Interior Seats Image

The Nissan Sunny is known for the massive amounts of legroom it offers its rear passengers. DC has taken advantage of this by fitting the sedan with reclining seats at the rear, along with a chiller. The Sunny gets a red and black interior theme with the seats wrapped in red leather and a host of faux wood trim.

Ford EcoSport

Dc Modified Ford Ecosport Interior

The pre-facelift EcoSport compact SUV featured a black-themed interior. DC Design gave the EcoSport’s interiors an upmarket look with a beige and black design theme The other major change is the large circular AC vent at the rear.

Maruti Swift

Dc Designs Maruti Suzuki Swift Custom 3

The previous Maruti Swift was one of the best driver’s cars offered in India, but its interiors did not match its fun-loving nature. DC Design’s customised interiors for the Swift featured a sporty black-and-white theme with red-trim pieces, which gave it a fresh and sporty look.

Hyundai Elantra

Dc Lounge Hyundai Elantra Interior Rear Seat

The interiors of the previous-gen Hyundai Elantra have also been tweaked by DC Design as well, as can be seen above. The red-and-black theme make the Elantra’s interiors look a lot sportier than before.