Super rare ad of Rajdoot motorcycle starring Bollywood actor Dharmendra [Video]

Every product, be it small or big, needs good advertising and a well-known name endorsing it to gain as many sales as possible. The concept of showcasing a product with the help of a celebrity is not new and has been in use for ages. Recently, we were reminded of the old times with the discovery of a classic advertisement featuring the legendary actor Dharmendra and the popular motorcycle Rajdoot.

The age-old advertisement for Rajdoot motorcycles featuring Dharmendra has been uploaded on YouTube by the INDIAN RAJDOOT OWNERS CLUB. The video starts with Dharmendra riding and drifting a Rajdoot motorcycle finished in red or orange. After stopping, the actor states that in the motorcycle segment, there is no answer for the legendary Rajdoot. Another man on another Rajdoot motorcycle carrying a heavy load then appears.

Following this, the actor points towards the passing Rajdoot and says that the bike is so strong that it can carry a huge amount of weight. The bike is shown carrying some heavy equipment. After this snippet, the video shows the actor mentioning that there is no hassle for maintenance, and for this reason, millions of people in the country trust the brand. He then adds that the Rajdoot is a ride of pride. Finally, a woman can be seen coming for an autograph from the actor.

Super rare ad of Rajdoot motorcycle starring Bollywood actor Dharmendra [Video]

As mentioned, Rajdoot is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the country, and despite not currently producing any bikes, the company still remains in the public eye. A few years ago, a video of a completely restored Rajdoot SHL M11 motorcycle was shared on YouTube.

The video was uploaded by Old Pistons Garage on their YouTube channel. The video starts by showing a scrap Rajdoot motorcycle covered in dust. The video then shows the entire process of bringing the bike from a rotting state to a new condition. The video also shows the restorer putting in the same 175-cc, 2-stroke engine. The two-stroke engine is paired with a three-speed manual gearbox and is extremely simple. The motor produces about 7.5 Bhp of peak power and 12.7 Nm of peak torque.

As mentioned, the bike in the video is a 1969 model SHL M11, and back in the day, this motorcycle was manufactured in Poland. The motorcycle division of Escorts Group started manufacturing the Polish SHL M11 175cc motorcycle under the brand name Rajdoot from 1962 after receiving a license. Various derivatives were produced with slight changes in cycle parts, suspension, and transmission. Production continued for over four decades. Rajdoot sold about 1.6 million black “Soviet”-styled motorbikes in the Excel T and Deluxe models until it was phased out in 2005 due to Euro II emission regulations.

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