Watch how people reacted after a superbiker hit a goat that jumped onto the road [Video]

Driving or riding on Indian roads is a task in itself. You never know what is going to come in front of your vehicle around the corner or even on a straight stretch. Cattle, dogs and jaywalkers are a reality in almost every part of the country and this is what makes riding on our roads so dangerous. There are many videos on the internet that shows how riders have miraculously escaped from serious crashes due to stray cattle and jaywalkers on the road. Here we have a video of a rider who was not that lucky and hit a goat that came out on the road out of nowhere. The expert negotiating skills of his riding group saved him from a mob.

The video has been uploaded by Mr speed on his youtube channel. The video shows a group of bikers who are travelling from Bhubaneshwar to Bhutan. Almost all the bikes in the group are high performance superbikes. The group had reached a village in West Bengal and claims to have been doing normal speeds as the road was very narrow. Besides, they had just slowed down for a police checkpost.

One of the biker who was riding a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R superbike was riding behind the vlogger. As per the video, a goat jumped in front of the Kawasaki Ninja and the rider could not avoid it, and hit the goat. The goat died, the rider lost control and had a fall on the left shoulder of the road.

Watch how people reacted after a superbiker hit a goat that jumped onto the road [Video]

All of a sudden people came out to see what had happened, and the biker along with the help from vlogger had picked up the bike. The real drama started after some time when the crowd started arguing with biker and telling him that he was overspeeding. The vlogger confirms that he had his camera on and they are ready to show that they were not speeding. The main demand of mob was to pay for the goat that the biker had hit. Moments later, Police arrives and the vlogger explains the things to them and after sometime, the police officer acts as a mediator and the biker pays the owner some money and leaves the place.

Lucky for the biker, he had escaped the accident not too much damage to the bike and himself. The situation could have been much more worse if the people gathered were more aggressive. Another thing to be noticed in the video is that every single rider in this group was wearing a proper riding gear. This helped the Kawasaki Ninja superbike rider too and that is why he walked out without too much damage. Another takeaway from the video is to be more vigilant while riding on Indian roads as things can get worse almost anywhere and anytime.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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