Superbike rider allows old man to sit-on and pose with Honda Africa Twin: Wins hearts [Video]

The majority of people living in India now have access to the internet and very often we come across videos or images that automatically bring a smile to our faces. Some of these videos or images go viral and people even recognise them because of the same. Here we have one such video where an adventure bike rider allows an old man to sit and pose on his Honda Africa Twin. The video has now gone viral and has won the hearts of many.

The video has been shared by adventure_riders_world on their Instagram channel. In this video, a group of bikers can be seen exploring the countryside. It looks like the group was exploring parts of Karnataka. All the bikes in the group were Honda Africa Twins and they were all well-prepared for the trip. As they were riding an adventure bike, they were riding through mud roads and trails where normals bikes and cars don’t go. It looks like the bikers took a break in between and a local decided to check the bike out.

The local was an old person and that is quite evident from the video. He might have asked the bikers whether he can click a picture with the bike. In the video what we see is that the old man is actually sitting on the motorcycle and the rider even asked him to stand on the motorcycle like they do while riding it. Two of the bikers helped him get on the bike and we can actually see the old man smiling after sitting on the adventure motorcycle. He even posed for pictures and once he got off the motorcycle, the riders continued their ride.

Superbike rider allows old man to sit-on and pose with Honda Africa Twin: Wins hearts [Video]

The motorcycle seen here in the video looks like the 2022 model Africa Twin from Honda. The Adventure Sports motorcycle is sold via Honda Big WIng dealerships across the country as this is a premium product. The bike was launched in the Indian market as a CKD (Completely Knocked Down) model. The motorcycle is available with a DCT and a manual transmission. It is an extremely capable motorcycle for touring as well as adventure trails. There are several videos of Honda Africa Twin available online that show how capable this motorcycle actually is.

The motorcycle comes with 1082-cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, parallel twin engine that generates 98 Ps and 103 Nm of peak torque. Honda offers features like a six-axis Intertial Measurement Unit (IMU), dual-channel ABS, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), Bluetooth Connectivity features and so on. The motorcycle comes with four default riding modes on the DCT variant. The modes are Tour, Urban, Gravel and Off-road. By now you would have already guessed that this is an expensive motorcycle. The motorcycle was launched at a starting price of Rs 16.01 lakh, ex-showroom. Coming back to the Instagram video, the gesture by the bikers who let the old man sit on the bike and pose with it has won the hearts of many on the internet. As we mentioned above, this is one of those videos that would automatically bring a smile to your face.