Superbiker fails to stop for cop: Cop turns traffic signal red & BUSTS him [Video]

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Superbikes attract a lot of attention on the public roads even when they are in stock form. However, there are many who prefer to install performance exhausts and other kinds of aftermarket exhausts on their bikes to enhance the exhaust note. Well, loud exhausts on any bike put a bull’s eye on it and it becomes the centre of attraction on the public roads. Sadly, even the cops get attracted to such loud bikes on the road. Here is a biker from Kolkata, who was spotted by the cops and was asked to stop but instead, he ran away and was caught by the same cop later after he changed the traffic signal to red to catch the biker.

The video put up by BIKER BOY ZAHIR on his official YouTube channel shows that he is out on a ride to capture the reactions of the onlookers and pedestrians on the road. The bike he is riding is the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. The bike has been modified with an aftermarket exhaust system that makes the exhaust note much louder than the stock exhaust It should be noted that such aftermarkets exhausts are on sale legally in the Indian market but they cannot be used on the public roads as they breach the sound emission norm set by the government.

The video shows that the rider is going through the heavily crowded streets of Kolkata while recording the expressions of the pedestrians on the helmet-mounted camera. The video footage later shows that traffic police spots his bike and asks him to slow down and stop for checking. However, the rider tells the cop that it is a superbike and speeds away from the scenario. Soon after, the same traffic cop comes out of nowhere and stops his bike and also takes out his key. The traffic cop can be heard saying to turn the traffic signal to green after he found the biker.

Superbiker fails to stop for cop: Cop turns traffic signal red & BUSTS him [Video]

The traffic police tell the biker that he received a wireless communication from his colleague about the bike and that’s why he was stopped. The police officer then asks him to shut down his camera. However, until the camera was switched on, the biker can be heard making excuses like “the superbikes become hot in traffic and that’s why he did not stop”. The cop can be heard arguing with the rider too. However, in the latter part of the video, the rider says that the cops have issued a fine to him for the aftermarket exhaust.

The exact fine amount is not known since this is a court challan and the person will have to go to the court to know the exact fine amount that he needs to pay. However, for offences like installing aftermarket exhausts, the vehicle can be seized by the RTO with a heavy fine imposed.

This is not the first case where the biker tried to flee from the spot after the cops flagged him down. However, it can be very dangerous and one should always stop for proper police checking. Running away may result in accidents and it should be noted that cops can trace the vehicle through CCTV footage and prosecute the owner later too.