3 goons harass a superbike rider for a test ride & selfie: Run when cops are called

We have written multiple articles on how riding superbikes and driving superbikes can be quite difficult in India. It is not only because of the road infrastructure and conditions but it is mostly about the other motorists and over-enthusiastic personalities on the road who want to check out such exotics closely. Sometimes, such over-enthusiastic motorists can also become the reason for accidents too. Well, here is an incident that is definitely scary and it can happen to anyone of you out there.

The video is quite long but at the starting, the rider leaves on a Suzuki GSX-S1000 naked bike. The rider took out the naked sports bike on the road to make a video and show what it offers. Since it has an aftermarket exhaust, it sounds loud and attracts a lot of attention on the roads. At about 4:15 time on the video, the helmet-mounted camera shows three riders on a Honda Activa waving the biker on Suzuki GSX-S1000 to stop. He slowed down to hear what they are saying and even stopped. However, one of the people of the scooter got down and started asking for a test ride of the bike.

The rider did not entertain the requests there and left with the bike. After a few kilometres, he stopped on the side of the road to show the bike on the video and explain all the modifications and features that it gets. A few youngsters even stopped to click a few pictures of the bike and take a few selfies. The YouTube vlogger even helps them taking pictures of the bike. Suddenly, the same three goons who tried to stop the biker earlier arrived at the spot and started fighting.

They abused the biker and even tried fighting with him. They were accusing him of throwing abuses at them and asked for a test ride of the bike. They kept the bike blocked and did not let the rider go. In between, one of the guys even tried to stop the recording of the incident and tried to snatch the camera. However, the vlogger resisted and did not allow him to take the keys or the bike away from him. They both called their respective friends too. However, two friends of the vlogger arrived on the spot and after some heated exchanges, they went to the cops. On getting to know that they are going to the cops, the goons leave from the spot immediately and run away on the scooter. The vlogger even tried to stop them and get hold of one of them but since they were on the scooter, they left from the spot.

How a normal incident turned into a scary road rage here? Well, it can happen to anyone of us on the roads. Such incidents should be handled with the utmost care and patience just like this biker did. Any escalation of road rage can become dangerous and even the vehicles can get damaged.