Superbike Rider Crashes At High Speed: Good Quality Riding Gear Saves Him [Video]

Superbike crashed

The majority of people in India still rely on two-wheelers to commute. Only a small portion of those who drive two-wheelers actually wear proper riding gear. It is a common sight on Indian roads to find people riding a two-wheeler without any type of safety gear, including a helmet. Here we have a video that shows why riding gear is important and how it saves you in case of a crash.

The video has been shared by Shekhar Attri Motovlogs on his YouTube channel. The YouTuber, along with his friends, had arrived for a weekend ride with bikers. From the registration plates of the vehicles, it looks like the meetup was happening somewhere in Himachal Pradesh. The bikers ride and finally meet outside a cafe.

They were all interacting with each other when they saw a BMW S 1000 RR give a flyby. They were standing right next to a curve, and people were showing off their cornering skills. This happened a couple of times. Towards the end of the video, we see a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R rider approaching the curve from the left side and the BMW rider approaching from the right.

The ZX10R approached the corner with a speed that was considered more than normal. The bike was completely leaning, and the rider was hugging the bike. Everything looked clean, but suddenly the rear wheels of the bike lost traction, and the tail started sliding out. The biker lost control, and the bike flipped to the other side.

Superbike Rider Crashes At High Speed: Good Quality Riding Gear Saves Him [Video]
Superbike crashed

All this happened in a matter of a few seconds. The BMW rider narrowly missed the crash. If the rider was a bit slower, he would have crashed into the ZX10R. The biker jumped off the bike, and both the ZX10R and the biker were thrown to the other side of the road. As mentioned above, they were riding on curvy mountain roads, which are extremely risky.

Thankfully, the rider and the bike crashed into the wall and stopped. The bike was badly damaged. The front cowl, headlights, and handlebar were all damaged in the crash. The biker was lying on the ground. Before coming to a stop, he hit his head on the safety wall. It looks like the rider was unconscious because he was lying on the ground.

All his friends and fellow riders gathered around him and safely removed the helmet and ensured that he had no other injuries. The reason why the bike crashed in the corner was probably that the biker pushed the bike too hard on the corner, which forced the rear wheels to slide out. The condition of the tires also matters a lot.

The only reason why the rider survived without any major injuries was that he was wearing proper riding gear. He was wearing riding boots, a jacket, pants, and a helmet. The helmet saved him from any kind of head injury. This is why we always urge two-wheeler riders to wear a helmet. Also, never do such stunts on public roads.

It is quite possible that the rider got scared when he saw a bike coming from the opposite direction and lost control. If you really want to do such stunts, always go to a private track or do it on a closed road to avoid such accidents. The rider was lucky that no other vehicles were coming from the opposite direction.