Superbike riders banned from riding on expressway: Cops turn them back

Several accidents involving high-performance superbikes a few years ago on the Yamuna expressway caused the police to ban superbikes. The decision was taken in 2020. Recently, a group of superbikes were turned away and were not allowed to enter the Yamuna Expressway.

Amar Ujala reports that as many as 21 bikers on high-performance superbikes were turned back on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border. The incident happened at Kalindi Kunj Yamuna bridge. The Uttar Pradesh police also threatened the bikers with legal proceedings if they try to enter the state again. Also, the cops said that they will seize the motorcycles if they are caught again.

Noida DCP, Traffic, told the newspaper that the bikers are residents of Delhi and they come to the expressway to “race”. To stop them from entering the state, Noida Police set up barricades at the Kalindi Kunj, DND, Chilla Point and Zero Point to stop such bikers from entering the state.

The cops were vigilant since 5 am in the morning but the bikers reached the spot at 6:30 am. In all, 21 bikers were returned from three different state borders. The cops noted down the registration details and names of the owners to maintain a record. The cops told them if they return, the bikes will get seized.

Difficult to challan superbikes

Superbike riders banned from riding on expressway: Cops turn them back

The cops have decided to take such actions against the bikers as issuing a challan is becoming a big challenge. Since many of the bikers ride at an extremely high speed on the expressways, even the speed cameras fail to take the picture of the registration plates.

It should be noted that no such order has been passed by the courts or the government until now. Since there is no law against it, the bikers might use different ways to get on the expressway. Both Noida-Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressways have multiple entry and exit points. However, the entry points on the Yamuna Expressways are controlled by the staff.

Similar issues in Karnataka

Last year, a viral video from Karnataka shows cops coming to stop a group of superbike riders and remove the keys from the motorcycles. The police officer did not allow the bikers to join the highway.

The team of traffic police was sent by a senior policeman. The senior also went to the spot and talked to the group of bikers. He said that the superbikes are now banned from the Pune-Bangalore highway.

Not a legal step

No police officer can deny you from entering a public road on a road-legal vehicle. Public roads are built because of the public taxes and the roads are meant for the convenience of the citizens. The cop on spot could have checked for a number of other things including modifications, exhausts, insurance and other legal details but refraining someone from using a road because of their vehicle is illegal and uncalled for.