Superbike rider’s NEAR MISS shows why high speeds on hill roads are so dangerous [Video]

Driving or riding in the mountains need a special skill set and riding high-performance vehicles like superbikes at high speed on the twisted roads needs a high level of skill sets. In India, most motorists do not follow traffic rules, which makes high-speed riding a very dangerous proposition. Here is a video from Dr Paritosh who can be seen riding alongside a Triumph Daytona in the twisted roads of the lower Himalayan ranges and nearly hitting a state bus on a blind corner.

Both the riders can be spotted riding at a very high speed on the curved roads. However, they both maintain their lane discipline and do not cross over to the opposite side of the road. The video, which has been recorded from the helmet-mounted camera of Dr Paritosh shows the Triumph and the Kawasaki taking high-speed turns. Further in the video, on a blind corner, a bus can be seen coming on the opposite lane and the Triumph rider at high speed just reacting in time to miss out the speed bus, which is overtaking another vehicle on a blind turn. If it had been a wider vehicle like a car, it would have resulted in an accident for sure.

The government-run bus or for that fact, any other bus on the mountain roads often do such manoeuvres to get ahead of the vehicles in front of them. The bus is slow moving vehicles and because of their size, they cannot overtake on small stretches and they take the risk of overtaking on any stretch, which is long enough, including the blind corners. Now, there have been quite a few accidents in the past involving such vehicles overtaking the other vehicles on blind turns. However, we cannot ignore the speed at which the bikers were riding. At one point in time, the speedometer indicated a speed of more than 120 km/h, which is quite a lot on the mountains. Given the fact that these are superbikes and they can accelerate even in a small open stretch and also have a small braking distance, they need to be ridden responsibly on the public roads.

Superbike rider’s NEAR MISS shows why high speeds on hill roads are so dangerous [Video]

Even if you’re riding while following all the traffic rules and doing all the right things on the road, a small mistake on the other motorist’s part can turn out to be a big accident. This is why one should always follow the speed limits. However, we do have to appreciate the reaction time of both the bikers. The Triumph literally squeezed himself in all the available space on the road to miss the bus.

Mountain riding and driving can be extremely fun but only if there are certain precautions in place. One should always be in their lane in the mountains, especially in the blind corners. Overtaking on the blind corners is a strict no. It does not matter, how empty the roads are, one should never overtake on the blind corners. For overtaking in the mountains, one should get a clear view of the road ahead and check for any oncoming traffic. Also, parking at the blind corners can be dangerous.