Superbikers get scolded by ANGRY uncle for ‘creating violence’ [Video]

Superbikes and performance bikes are becoming popular in India. Many superbike riders have nowadays formed groups and go out for regular rides, especially on the weekends. We spotted numerous such groups and they do attract a lot of attention. However, a middle-aged person became angry when a group of superbikes was going through public roads. Why? Well, here is a video that will show you why it happened.

The video is from Madhya Pradesh and is made by Magician AD, who was a part of the group. The video shows that the group of bikers out on a weekend ride going through the public roads of the city. The video then shows that the group parks in the middle of the public road, which is relatively empty for a group shot and a few riders revving their bikes on the spot. After a few seconds, a couple of middle-aged persons can be seen walking to the bikers in the front row and talking to them.

Since the camera is a few feet away, we could not exactly hear the initial conversation but later, Magician AD then walked to the person. In the video, it can be heard that the middle-aged person was quite angry and can be heard scolding the bikers. However, the reason behind the scolding was not parking the bikes in the middle of the road but it was for the extremely loud noises that the group of bikers were making.

Superbikers get scolded by ANGRY uncle for ‘creating violence’ [Video]

We are not sure but a few motorcycles in the group seem to have aftermarket exhausts, which makes the bikes sound really loud. However, such aftermarket exhausts are illegal for the use in the public roads. The person can be heard saying that these superbikers are creating a nuisance and creating “violence”. However, the biker on the Suzuki Hayabusa can be heard saying that they are parked at the spot for only two minutes and they just want to click a photo, shoot a video and will leave from the spot. After that, the person leaves the spot and a few moments later, the group of bikers also leave from the spot.

In India, such expensive motorcycles and cars attract a lot of attention on the public roads. Since they are much more powerful and make different, adrenalin-inducing exhaust note, a lot of eyes can be seen looking at them. And when they move together, a lot of people want to click pictures and pose with such high-end machines. This can become the reason behind accidents due to distraction. However, even high-performance cars and bike owners should follow the rules. Also, installing aftermarket exhausts creates noise pollution and is illegal on public roads. In the past, many superbike owners have been issued fines for such aftermarket exhausts that create a loud exhaust note.