Superbikes at 180 Kph have dog/pedestrians suddenly appearing: Near MISS! [Video]

Indian roads are counted among the most unsafe roads in the world. The high accident and fatality rates of the Indian roads make them highly unsafe and unpredictable. Every now and then we get to see the dangers of speeding on the Indian roads. Here is one more video that will show why exactly you should not speed on the Indian roads.

Unpredictable roads!

The first video shows a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R going at a high speed on the road. The speedometer shows more than 200 km/h on the empty highway when suddenly a dog emerges from the bushes on the central divider and crosses the road. The bike barely misses it. After spotting the dog, the rider started to apply the brakes but to bring down any vehicle from such high speed takes time. The rider managed to reach about 162 km/h when he crossed the dog. It would have been a disaster if the bike had hit the dog at such high speeds.

It is not only the animals who do such acts on the Indian roads. Even the pedestrians take the chance to cross the highways without waiting for it to get clear of the vehicles. The other video taken from another superbike on the Indian highways shows the same. It has been taken from BMW S1000RR which is doing above 180 km/h on the empty highway. The rider can be seen riding in the middle lane with ample space on either side. Suddenly, two pedestrians start to cross the road and the rider uses brakes as soon as he spots them. Again, it takes time to stop the vehicles which are at such high speeds. The bike manages to come down to 95 km/h and manages to squish between the two pedestrians.

Unsafe Indian roads

Superbikes at 180 Kph have dog/pedestrians suddenly appearing: Near MISS! [Video]

The Indian roads are extremely unsafe. We commonly see stray animals, cattle and pedestrian crossing the road. There are even vehicles that come on the wrong side or take the turn without using the indicators. It is very important to ride within the safe speed limit on the Indian roads so that the speed can be controlled during the emergency situations.

Superbikes are extremely popular machines and even if they are road legal, they can attain extreme speeds in no time. Most superbikes are even quicker than the supercars and cross the three-digit speed limit in the first gear itself. It is difficult to keep the speed under control, especially on the open highways. But after seeing these videos, it becomes imperative to keep the speed under the road limit. Riding superbikes can be challenging on the roads and we suggest that speed lovers take their performance machines to the tracks where one can speed under a controlled environment.


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