Superbikes banned from Pune-Bangalore Highway, says cop, & fines more than 20 superbike riders

In the past few years, the number of superbike owners has increased massively. Every weekend, we get to spot groups of superbikes on the highways doing their high-speed runs on the public roads. Well, the superbikes do attract a lot of attention due to various reasons including their speed, performance and exhaust note. In Pune, Maharashtra, the cops have banned the entry of superbikes on the Pune-Bangalore Highway. Here is why.

The video made by Amey Tilloo shows a group of superbike owners enjoying a weekend ride and having fun. They also do friendly drag races inside a compound. However, while returning from the ride, policemen waved to stop just after a toll booth.

The cops came running to stop the group of superbikes and quickly removed the keys of the bikes. The team of traffic police was sent by a senior policeman. The senior also went to the spot and talked to the group of bikers. He said that the superbikes are now banned from the Pune-Bangalore highway. However, there is no official circular that can show the same.

Superbikes banned from Pune-Bangalore Highway, says cop, & fines more than 20 superbike riders

The senior police officer said that a few villagers have lost their lives after being hit by speeding superbikes in the area. The cops have also registered cases against the superbike riders who were involved in accidents with the villagers and currently, the cases are being fought in court.

The senior police officer also asked the superbike owners to find some other road to ride their powerful motorcycles. When one of the superbike owners asked the policeman about where should they ride, the cops replied that the bikers should ask the government to build special roads for them.

Stopping the superbikes

With the increasing number of superbikes in India, there are many more of them who break the laws and do high-speed and dangerous riding on public roads. With more people doing the same and joining the bandwagon, the cops have to become stricter. However, it does not mean that every superbike owner rides rash and dangerous. It is only a few of them who have caused a stir and has bought bad name to the community.

For a better future, we feel that more superbike owners should follow the speed limits or ride around the speed limits. We understand that keeping a superbike under control is difficult as it can touch 100 km/h within a few seconds. However, that does not mean that the bike should always remain above 100 km/h.

Not the first time


This is not the first time that a group of superbike owners have been stopped from using a highway. Only a few weeks ago, a similar incident happened near Bangalore, Karnataka where the cops asked the bikers not to use the highway and find another way. In Uttar Pradesh, the police banned the entry of the superbikes on the Yamuna Expressway for sometime after high-speed runs of superbike groups.

Not following the rules and laws will only bring more agony to the superbike community. Eventually, more such restrictions can come up and that will not help the community to grow further.