Superbikes drag race on Indian highway at over 250 Kmph [Video]

Motoring enthusiasts that are obsessed with speed love supercars and superbikes like no other thing. These high-performance machines make everyone addicted to them. So much so that the owners of these exotic vehicles start riding them like hooligans on public roads. There have been numerous instances of people driving their ultra-expensive and powerful vehicles on national highways and reaching speeds that could easily swallow them to death. And despite numerous actions from legal authorities, these happen more often. Recently another riding event was captured on camera and a number of superbikes were seen riding at extreme speeds on public roads.

A video uploaded by HSB OFFICIAL on his YouTube channel showcased a slew of superbike owners riding these mega machines on highways at speeds upwards of 200kmph. The video starts with the YouTuber driving on the national highway on his BMW S1000RR superbike along with a few other high end superbikes.

From the video can note that one was a Suzuki Hayabusa, meanwhile the other two bikes were a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and another BMW S1000RR. The four superbikes start a rolling drag race in which the S1000RR of the YouTuber beats the Hayabusa by reaching 241 kmph.

Superbikes drag race on Indian highway at over 250 Kmph [Video]

Moving on, a few other bikes also join these four bikes. A Suzuki GSXR, an older gen CBR 1000RR, a Benelli TNT 600i and some other super expensive bike join the cavalcade. The riders can then be seen driving in high speeds and maneuvering like crazy on the highways. The bikers also disregarded the weather which was extremely foggy and continued to ride dangerously on the roads. Later in the video YouTuber also showed a Kia Seltos on highway that had met an unfortunate accident.

Superbikes drag race on Indian highway at over 250 Kmph [Video]

Dangers of high speed driving

Driving beyond the posted speed limit is prohibited even if doing so is judged “safe” by some riders.  In any case, exceeding the posted speed limit can be quite dangerous for the driver, their passengers, and other drivers on the road. It’s crucial to be aware of your speed when driving, even if it might not always be your main priority on a normal trip. Not only speeding may cause collisions, but the driver or other culpable person may also face harsh legal repercussions.

Superbikes drag race on Indian highway at over 250 Kmph [Video]

Why Is Speeding Dangerous?

Driving beyond the official speed limit is not the only definition of speeding. Driving too rapidly for the weather, such as rain or ice, or irresponsibly through construction zones, are examples of additional behaviors that might be classified as speeding.

And by now we already know why speeding is dangerous but here are some of the more reasons why one should not be driving in extremely dangerous speeds.

  • Increased occurrence of rollover accidents
  • Increased potential for loss of control as a driver
  • Higher severity of crash if accident does occur
  • Increased distance needed to safely stop a vehicle
  • Reduced reaction time
  • Possible failure to yield, resulting in an accident

On public highways, speeding is always exceedingly dangerous. Even though the rider appears to have a lot of expertise and may have been riding superbikes for some time. Training and experience can fail at high speeds on Indian roads. For everyone’s safety, speeding should be kept on the tracks only.

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