Suzuki Hayabusa, Honda CBR Fireblade, Harley Davidson & more SEIZED for loud exhausts

High-end motorcycles in India are becoming quite common. With a slew of second-hand high-end motorcycles available in the market, there are many enthusiasts who spend money on them. However, due to their loud exhaust notes and unmissable design, they attract a lot of attention on the roads. Many residents and pedestrians often file compliant against such bikers. In Gujarat, acting on a similar complaint, the cops seized several vehicles including a Suzuki Hayabusa and a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade.

The incident was officially posted by Ahmedabad Police on Twitter. As per the tweet, multiple vehicles were detained for creating nuisance on the road and disturbing the fellow road users by loud silencers and acceleration. After the police received the complaint, they did an enquiry about the bikes and cars that were creating a nuisance. They found out that none of these vehicle owners had a valid driving license. Also, no registration documents or insurance documents could be found. Many bikes also did not have a registration plate too.

The bikes were seized from the owners. It is not known if the cops have registered a case against the riders and the owners of the bikes for rash driving and dangerous driving on the road. The bikes can be spotted in the pictures with aftermarket exhausts. The cops have also not commented on the action taken on the bikers apart from seizing the bikes.

Suzuki Hayabusa, Honda CBR Fireblade, Harley Davidson & more SEIZED for loud exhausts

It should be noted that aftermarket exhausts that create loud noise are not allowed on public roads. Loud exhaust kits are available for high-performance bikes that can be imported from foreign countries. However, the use of such exhausts is restricted to private locations like a race track. These exhausts cannot be used on public roads since they create a noise that is higher than the value set by the government.

This is not the first time that bikes have been seized for being extremely loud. The loud aftermarket exhausts are very common on the Royal Enfield bikes in India. Hundreds of Royal Enfield bikes have been seized by the cops in the past. Cops have also destroyed the exhausts in the past using a road roller. The cops have also seized the superbikes in the past and targetted them on the public roads.

The aftermarket exhausts are one of the most common modifications that are done by the people on their motorcycles in India. To create a loud noise, they also punch the exhaust and remove the catalytic convertor. Such modification is now allowed on the public roads and the cops can immediately seize the vehicle on the spot.

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