Supercar Blondie posts a video of Mahindra Pick-up truck driving through a waterfall

Supercar Blondie is a well-known content creator on YouTube. She regularly uploads videos on her YouTube channel. However, she is also active on her Facebook page where she has uploaded a video of Mahindra Savari crossing a waterfall that is located in Himalayas of Nepal. She is known to usually cover exotic supercars and concept cars. She has covered this video because of the extreme driving conditions that the drivers have to face of Nepal.

Riding on mountains is very different from riding in cities or on highways. You have to be extra cautious and attentive. There are numerous blind spots on mountains, especially while turning. You have to give special attention to stay in the right gear and even predict the gear that you would have to be. Even more difficult than this are the water crossings.

Because of the mountains and the gravity, water tends to flow downwards and cover up the roads with heavy water flow. The water crossings are extremely dangerous to cross because the driver cannot see the road because it is covered with water. There could be big potholes, in which the tyre of the vehicle can get stuck. Also, if the water flow is too strong, then it can push the car towards the cliff or the car can also get stuck.

In the video, we can see that the road is covered with a heavy flow of water and the visibility of the road is very poor. The driver here is driving a Mahindra Savari, which is a 9-seater vehicle and is used in Nepal as a transportation vehicle. We can see that the road is curvy and the driver has to take a turn without hitting a wooden log which seems to have flown down with strong water current. There is no proper side railing to stop the car from falling so if anything goes wrong the vehicle will fall straight towards the steep cliff. Even after the crossing the waterfall area the road ahead still looks very dangerous. In the next clip, we can see a different angle. We can see that this is an older clip because the guard rail has been installed and the water current is also a bit slow but we cannot ignore the fact that it is still very dangerous to cross this section especially without any protection of guard rail. The vehicle was able to cross the tough section without getting stuck anywhere. The drop-offs from this part of the roads can be as high as 500-metres.

The vehicle that we see here is the Mahinda Savari, which you can think of as a predecessor of the Mahindra Bolero. Mahindra Savari was equipped with a 2523 cc diesel engine that produced 58 HP of max power and a peak torque output of 160 Nm. Their engines were considered extremely reliable due to which they are still being used in some parts of the world. The Savari is considered to be a workhorse of the Darjeeling hills. It was tweaked and launched as Mahindra Armada and there was also a ‘premium’ version known as Armada Grand. Finally, the Armada was launched as Bolero as we know it. It went on sale in August 2000.