India's biggest supercar crashes: This is why supercars need special driving skills

India’s biggest supercar crashes: This is why supercars need special driving skills

A supercar is something everyone dreams of owning. They look fabulous, sound great and go like stink. However owning a supercar isn’t all fun and games. One small mistake could end up with your car getting totalled and worse, you and others dead. Here are 5 massive super car crashes of India. We also tell you five thing you need to always follow while driving a supercar.

Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni


This is one of the saddest crashes in India. Not only was a rare car ruined, but also the life of the driver was lost due to his negligence. The accident took place in Delhi on the BRT corridor. The owner was a rich business man who was driving at a high speed and while overtaking an auto, lost control of the car, hit the railing and then went on to injure a cyclist.

The owner wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was flung out of his car, thus resulting in his death. The vehicle was completely damaged and spent a long time in the police station. The car was the only Balboni edition that India got. It was a special edition and only came in rear wheel drive format which could be one of the reasons why the driver lost control.


lambo 3


lambo 2

Lamborghini Murcielago SV

lambo 5

This is another sad one because this was also a limited edition vehicle. The car was crashed at India Gate and was left there by the driver. The vehicle was massively damaged and it doesn’t look like it can be repaired.

lambo 4

A whole portion of the rear is missing and we are sure that there is severe engine and transmission damage. The SV stands for Super Veloce. The SV is the most hardcore version of the any flagship Lamborghini. The key feature is the huge wing at the back. Powering this car is a 6.5 liter V12 making 661 Bhp and 660 Nm.

Audi R8


Recently Surat’s only R8 V10 crashed on the highway. Details on the crash are limited but we know that the owner of the car is safe and no other injuries were reported.

r8 2

From the looks of it, it looks like the owner lost control of the car and hit the divider which led to the front right wheel breaking off. The rear suspension of the car has also received quite a lot of damage. Though the damage may not look like much, chances are that the car will have to be written off.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage


In a bizarre incident, the owner of this Matte blue Aston V8 Vantage ended up going into a tree near the Italian embassy in Delhi. According to eye witnesses, the owner who was driving normally suddenly swerved and lost control and went into the tree.

The owner said that a dog suddenly appeared on the road in front of him and in a bid to avoid it, he went into the tree. The front end of the car has been badly damaged. Since the V8 sits in front, it too bore the brunt of the impact. The vehicle is powered by a 4.7 liter V8 making 420 Bhp and 469 Nm. There are very few Aston’s in the country due to its high pricing.

Porsche 911


The 911 is an iconic car. So much so that it is among the most sold sports cars of India. This one had a very sad demise. The owner, from Hyderabad was driving on the ORR in the rain.


The vehicle hydroplaned at a point due to excessive water on the road and hit the steel barricade which then caused the car to spin a few times. This resulted in severe damage to the front of the car. Luckily the owner was uninjured and got out in the nick of time. Post that, the car burst up into flames and that was the end of the car.

Image source: TeamBhp

Here are five things you need to always follow while driving a supercar

If you have one, you are certainly going to be in the spotlight. People will want to come and have a closer look, take photos and try indulging in street racing, since you obviously own a fast car. These things are meant to be ignored.

Respect the power

Super cars are very, very powerful. Depending on model to model, most of them can do 0-100 in less than 4 seconds which is really quick. It is very important to know where to unleash this power. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. The track is the best place to enjoy a fast car. Trying to indulge in races on the road in highly powerful cars is not a good idea.
Get a feel for the power

Put a normal person into a super car and he will be amazed by how fast it goes. Before pushing the car to its limits, it is required to know what these limits are. It is very, very important to first get used to the car before deciding to go flat out. If a super car accelerates very fast, it brakes really hard as well.

Also, since most of our cars are front wheel drive ones and most super cars are rear wheel drive, it is important to know that there are major differences in the handling characteristics of the car. Make sure you adapt to the car before attempting to go flat out.

Extra caution is a good thing

Let’s face it. Indian roads are really not the best place to drive a super car. Be it pot holes, excess traffic, tarmac that has a lot of undulations, it is certainly not the best place to drive. There is also a lot of mud, sand and dirt at the sides of the road which could cause a high powered car to spin out if accelerating hard. Thus especially on Indian roads, one needs to be very cautious while driving something with a lot of power.

Be aware of your car’s blindspots, and adjust driving accordingly

Super cars are a great place to be in. But, they have severe visibility issues due to their design. Driving one in traffic can be extremely tough due to the blind spots on the car. For that reason, one must be extra cautious while driving a super car or any sports car to make sure that they don’t miss any object/vehicle/person in their blind spot before proceeding.

Avoid morons looking to race…

This is a very important fact which most people generally overlook. If you own a super car, you need to be prepared to stay calm. In India, most people can only dream of seeing such high end cars, let alone drive and own them.

If you have one, you are certainly going to be in the spotlight. People will want to come and have a closer look, take photos and try indulging in street racing, since you obviously own a fast car. These things are meant to be ignored.