10 things you CANNOT do in a supercar in India that you can do in a regular car!

Supercars exhibit the pinnacle of automotive technology and are made using the latest technologies. Apart from having drop-dead gorgeous looks, they are insanely powerful and can leave almost any car on our roads in the dust. However, owning a supercar in India means that life won’t be the same for you again, both in positive and negative aspects. Here are 10 things  that you can do in a regular car but cannot do in a supercar.

Take speed breakers lightly anymore

Speed breakers come in all shapes and sizes in our country. There can be flat speed, round, unsymmetrical, broken and then there are some which rival the size of the Deccan plateau. This is the reason why several international car models are offered with enhanced ground clearance in India. However, supercars are low slung and almost kiss the ground which makes it a task for their drivers to drive through irregular speed breakers. There have been numerous cases where supercar owners have damaged the underbelly of their rides due to irregularly shaped speed breakers.

Use even 10% of the power on public roads

There are sports cars, then come supercars and at last there are hypercars. They have different designs, capabilities and prices but what they all usually have in common is a power output of more than 500 Bhp. With the state of our roads which are further complemented by the traffic conditions of our country, these supercars usually don’t even use 10 per cent of their total power output. Moreover, it becomes a pain to operate them in traffic as they are not exactly like your average hatchback to drive. With the number of racetracks in our country limited to the fingers of one hand, supercars usually use just a fraction of their power in our country.

Park in peace

Supercars have always reflected the pinnacle point of automotive designing. Barring a few rare examples, most of the supercars can make one go weak in their knees at just the mere sight of them. This is the reason why they attract a lot of attention in public. Hence, one can’t expect to keep a low profile if you arrive at a place in a supercar, leave alone parking it without attention. Curious onlookers come and fiddle with the fancy looking car and sometimes can also put scratches on it unintentionally. That is why we do not see a lot of supercars in public parking lots.

Be discreet in traffic

Just like the previous point, being discreet in traffic is not something supercar owners are fortunate enough to get. The charisma of supercars attracts attention from the onlookers like a magnet attracts metal. There have been several instances where fellow road users try to click pictures and drive dangerously close to supercars. Often, supercars are openly challenged for road races too and can cause accidents.

Be alone

No, there’s a very rare chance that you may be left alone if you go out in your supercar. Smitten onlookers often come with a smiling face to get their social media profile pictures clicked with these exotic cars. Sometimes, people gather like a flash mob and block the car in the process. Even traffic cops have been seen posing with supercars.

Choose any fuel station

Almost every component used in a supercar is quite complicated including the engine and the chassis. Their engine needs high-quality fuel to perform optimally. Using low-grade or adulterated fuel can cause the engine to conk off and even seize in the worst case scenario. Indian fuel pumps generally do not keep high-quality fuel and it important for supercar owners to find reliable fuel stations where they can find high-quality fuel with a high octane number.

Can take the car without doing homework

A regular car owner can take his car to nearly any place in the city as per his needs or want. However, supercar owners have to ensure that the roads are good enough to drive their cars apart from checking traffic and other such conditions. Taking a supercar to an unknown road without physically checking it or getting it checked by someone can have disastrous results. a similar case is seen in the video above where a Lamborghini Huracan has a tough time getting out of a bad stretch of road.

Get away from the cops

It isn’t just the regular public which goes all crazy upon seeing a supercar pass by. Even cops give extra attention to supercars as seen in the video above. They even tend to put supercars under a magnifying glass for the sake of checking them out. Often police forces stop supercars to check papers in order to get a better look at these cars.

Can get the car repaired quickly

None of the supercars are yet made in India, except the DC Avanti (not a supercar though). High tax impositions ensure that there is almost zero stock of the spare parts available at hand. Therefore, if a supercar’s part breaks down or the supercar gets into a crash, the parts need to be imported from the factory on order. The process is long and tedious and often take supercars months to be fixed and ready for the roads again.

Can take the car to dad’s mechanic in emergency

The regular cars owned by people like us can be serviced by any mechanic around the corner who is always up for quick troubleshooting. However, supercars are quite different from regular cars and are quite complex. The roadside mechanics will be quite clueless if you take a supercar there to be fixed.