WILDEST things people have done with supercars in India: Off Roading to Uber taxi

Supercars evoke interest in big and small alike. These beautiful machines can be termed as technical and mechanical marvels running on roads. However, good things come at a cost and thanks to our CBU import duties, the cost of supercars in India is exorbitant to say the least. Therefore, even spotting a supercar on the street can make the day for a regular guy like me and you. Most of the supercar owners are known to take good care of their cars but then there are some who use it like just another car and we don’t have any complaints. After all, a man is entitled to use his machine as he wants. On the same note, here are five examples in which these glorious machines were found doing the unexpected.

Driving on really bad roads/off-road conditions

One of the major issues of owning a supercar in India is the sad condition of roads which renders them pretty useless. Moreover, supercars have low ground clearance by design since they need to be as aerodynamic as possible. Both these combinations combine to create some real challenges for supercar owners. The same is shown in the video above in which we see a Lamborghini Huracan in a tight situation trying to get over a huge crater of a pothole on the road. This is the reason why most of the supercar owners pre-plan their routes in order to avoid getting stuck midway through their joyride.

‘Home delivered’ like a pizza!

Food delivery services have made it easy to get your favourite food delivered at your doorsteps. Pizza chains across the country have been doing this much before other players jumped into the scene. But what if we tell you that some supercar owners get their new rides delivered to their homes like a pizza, all fresh and wrapped. The video above shows a shining new Lamborghini Huracan Performance that is all wrapped up and brought to its buyers home loaded on a flatbed truck. So while it is said the money can’t buy happiness, it can certainly get you a new supercar delivered at your doorsteps, Pizza style.

Dealing with speed breakers

This video shows one of the most exotic supercars ever to have been made on earth. So much so that it isn’t even a supercar but a hypercar. Despite all those mad horses prancing out of its engine and the high tech gimmickry it comes loaded with, the Bugatti Veyron here is brought to its knees by our famed roads.  Due to the poor design and implementation of speed breakers on our roads, even regular sedans find it tough to pass without kissing the raised piece of tarmac. This particular incident is said to have happened while a potential buyer was having a test drive of the car. We guess this speed breaker would have had him change up his mind and he decided not to part with nearly Rs. 20 crore of his fortune for this car.

Using a supercar as Uber taxi

Mere mortals like us get elated when our cab ride gets upgraded from micro to prime (hatchback to sedan) without any extra charge. What this video shows can hence be termed as a miracle of sorts. A last-gen Audi R8 is used as Uber cab in the video and the people who booked the car were shown a Maruti Dzire during their bookings. No need to mention the shock those people got when a swanky Audi R8 pulled next to them as their Uber ride.

This was actually part of a prank in which the R8 was registered as a Maruti Dzire on the Uber cab platform. The guy driving the car talked to the person who booked the cab on the phone and then reached the pickup spot. The faces of those people is really a sight to see during the ride to their destination. After all, it’s not daily that you get picked up by a supercar upon booking a Dzire cab.

Drifting on public roads

While watching Fast & Furious-Tokyo Drift, I was mesmerized by the chase scene which involves several cars drifting in the middle of the city ending up in the death of one of the supporting protagonists. While the whole drifting sequence was really well put together, the death part at last immediately pulled me back to senses and made me realize about the dangers of rash driving on public roads. The Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 in the video above is seen taken a turn and then launching into a powerslide on a public road in Bangalore. There is no denying the fact that it all looks quite cool, but at the same time is a dangerous antic to perform on public roads as it endangers the life of both the driver as well as other people sharing the road. Also, in movies, all the scenes are done in a controlled environment with the assistance of specialized people.