Supercars are just NOT meant for India: Watch 18 Lamborghinis struggle, cause huge jam [Video]

Lamborghini Bangalore recently organized a drive for its customers, in which 18 Lamborghinis participated. However, there was a peculiar incident, during the drive, where they had to stop traffic on both sides of the road in order to clear a speed breaker. A video of the same can be seen below.

From the video above, you can see that even though some of these cars have a lift kit option, it would have been very tough to clear that speed breaker and hence they had to resort to going off the road. In doing so, they caused a massive jam. It is great to see that owners are driving their cars, even on roads like ours. But that also reflects on how tough it is to own such a car in the country.

8 reasons why supercars and Indian roads don’t go together

Rough and narrow roads: Some cities in the country have decent roads, but that is not the case across all the cities. The tarmac is broken in most places and it is tough to drive such a car, especially due to the stiffly setup suspension. Narrow roads in many cities make driving wide-bodied supercars very cumbersome.

Ill-designed speed breakers, and massive pot holes: As can be seen in the video above, a supercar can’t go over most of the bumps that our roads have. Some of them come with expensive front splitters that will get damaged thanks to the speed bumps. Unfortunately, not all cars have the option of a nose lift.

Supercars are just NOT meant for India: Watch 18 Lamborghinis struggle, cause huge jam [Video]

Gawkers on the road: This is a major problem on Indian roads. Since people aren’t used to seeing supercars, they get really excited and want to come up close to the cars. This is highly irritating for all supercar owners since the gawkers also try to drive like maniacs to keep up with them.

Dust and dirt on the road: Slippery roads plus a car that makes a lot of power is a recipe for disaster. Especially those that aren’t 4wd.

Chaotic traffic: India has a lot of traffic, which includes a lot of people who don’t obey traffic rules. This leads to a lot of chaos on the roads. Most supercars lack good all-round visibility, and this just makes driving them very challenging on city streets.

Supercars are just NOT meant for India: Watch 18 Lamborghinis struggle, cause huge jam [Video]

Lack of proper service backup: Most supercar companies have only a single service station in some prominent city, which means that going in for a service does become a difficult task. Also, it takes time to get parts.

Fuel issues: India doesn’t have the best fuel quality due to mixing issues. Also, only a few pumps across the country offer 97 octane which means that supercar owners have to make do with speed or even normal petrol, which is below the rating of what the manufacturer claims.

Water logging issues: Yes, if you happen to take your supercar out in the rainy season, you will certainly experience the problem of water logging. It is better to park your car at home or a place, which is high enough and doesn’t get flooded.

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