Superhit sub-4 meter SUV of 2018: Maruti Suzuki Brezza


The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is one of the best selling models for the company. The compact suv 4 meter pseudo-SUV has proved to be an excellent, well rounded product and the same is reflected in its sales. It is the best selling vehicles in its segment and the competition lags behind more than 3 times in terms of sheer sales volume. Maruti sold 14,378 unit of the Vitara Brezza in November alone, which is nearly three times more than the nearest rival Tata Nexon, which saw a sale of 4,224 units. What makes the Vitara Brezza such a successful product that it is? Let’s find out.

Brand image of Maruti Suzuki

There is no doubt in the fact that buying a Maruti offers peace of mind in most cases. this is one of the reasons why most of the old people recommend Maruti products. The company has spent a lot of time establishing themselves in the Indian market and while they may not cater to everyone’s need, they do cater to the need of the masses. It is a tried and tested brand and there is nothing that can go wrong is what most people think. In addition to this, your car retains its value better, if it is a popular Maruti. This one of the reasons why Maruti is also among the few brands that has a high ratio of customer retention.

Service network

No questioning the fact that Maruti Suzuki has the largest sales and service network among all the auto makers in the country today. This translates into easy purchase and then, later on, easy service of your Vitara Brezza in almost every small city or town in the city. Also, in case of any unfortunate breakdown, a Maruti service centre is never too far away to help out a Brezza owner. This, however, cannot be said for the dealerships of its the other automakers in India, though some like Hyundai are catching up on this aspect.

AMT gearbox

The Vitara Brezza did not come with an AMT transmission option at the time of its launch. However, the company launched the automatic variant some time back which has given a big boost to its sales. The Brezza is the cheapest automatic diesel SUV in India. Of lately, the demand for automatic transmission-equipped diesel SUVs has been on a rise. Hence, the introduction of the AMT variants helps Maruti Suzuki attract car buyers looking for well-rounded automatic Diesel SUVs.

Customization options

Maruti Suzuki offers a variety of customization and personalization options to the buyers of its Vitara Brezza compact SUV. One can choose from a host of colour options, body graphics, and interior trims, which makes it an attractive car to buy. There also many bolt-on bits on offer which can enhance the overall styling and appearance of the car. All these are quality parts that are officially sold by Maruti Suzuki through its dealerships and are covered under warranty.

Super efficient engine

The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza is also among the most fuel efficient vehicles in India. The 1.3 litre diesel engine powering the Vitara Brezza is a very fuel efficient motor. Talking of which, the sub 4-meter SUV gets an ARAI certified fuel efficiency rating of 24. 29 km/l. For Indian buyers, mileage is among the most important factor while buying a car and the Vitara Brezza delivers bang on in that aspect. No doubt then that it is crowned the best selling sub 4 meter SUV this year.

Super reliable 1.3-litre engine

As already mentioned, the Vitara Brezza gets powered by a 1.3 litre DDiS diesel engine. It is sourced from Fiat’s 1.3 Multijet engine. To let you know, this reliable motors powers many others cars across several platforms like the Maruti Suzuki Dzire and Swift to name a few. On Vitara Brezza, the 1.3 litre diesel engine churns out a healthy 89 Bhp of power along with 200 Nm of torque.While they may not be class leading figures, they are enough for the Brezza to not feel under-powered.