Surat diamond merchant promises car & house for women hockey team players if they win a Olympics medal

Remember the Surat-based diamond merchant who gifts hundreds of cars to his employees almost every year as a Diwali bonus? Well, he is back and this time he has announced rewards for the Indian women hockey team if they win a medal at the 2020 Olympics that is currently happening in Tokyo, Japan.

Savji Dholakia of the Hari Krishna Group announced that they will give a new car or a new house worth Rs 11 lakh to the members of the women hockey team. Dholakia said that he has announced the gifts and rewards to boost the morale of the players if they win a medal. If the player already owns a house, Dholakia will gift a brand-new car worth Rs 5 lakh instead.

“Our girls are scripting history with every move at Tokyo 2020. We’re into the semi-finals of the Olympics for the 1st time beating Australia. I was inspired by Mirabai Chanu and saw how women from our country are taking giant leaps. Chanu lives in a simple house but she won the medal. I want to make this announcement to award Rs 11 lakh to those who do not have a house and Rs five lakh to those who don’t have a car. I am making this announcement to boost the morale of our women’s hockey team members for the match today,” the diamond baron wrote on Twitter.

The Indian women hockey team will play its first-ever semi-final at the Olympics. They have beaten 1-0 in the quarter-final after beating Australia, which is a top team. India lost the semi-final to Argentina yesterday. However, the team is still hopeful for a bronze medal by securing third place in the game.

Dholakia gifts cars to appreciate employees

For years, Dholakia has been gifting vehicles to the employees of his company. He shells out the gifts during festivities like Diwali and he does it at a mass level.  Dholakia gifts more than 1,000 cars to his employees.

On special occasions like when an employee is completing 25 years of service to the company, Dholakia showers them with gifts. The diamond merchant had gifted top-of-the-line, flagship Mercedes-Benz SUVs to three of his employees. Savji Dholakia gifted three black Mercedes-Benz GLS 350d SUVs to employees who completed 25 years with the company. All the three SUVs were handed over to the employees in a ceremony in Surat.

Savji Dholakia started showing up in the news after his car gifts to employees went viral. In the past, he has gifted around 500 Fiat Puntos, 1,260 cars from Maruti and Datsun and 1,200 units of Datsun Redi-GO to his employees.