Porsche 718 Cayman worth Rs 1.5 crore without proper documents seized by Surat police

Porsche Cayman seized

Sports cars and supercar culture have grown in India over the years, and the number of people buying and importing expensive sports cars and supercars to India has become a common sight. Most people who own such expensive cars keep the documents updated, but here we have a strange case where Surat police seized a Porsche Cayman sports car found without proper documents. Let’s find out the exact story behind it.

A few days ago, a report surfaced on the internet claiming that Umra police in Gujarat’s Surat had seized a brand new sports car. The car was spotted by the cops during their routine checking on Dumas Road on 15 February. When they asked the driver of the car to show documents for the vehicle, he failed to produce any of them. The cops then seized the car and took it to the police station. A video of the sports car parked outside the police station has also surfaced on the internet after the incident.

The cops said that the brand new sports car was stopped for multiple violations related to the road and transport department. The car was missing a number plate, which is probably why it attracted the police officer’s attention. Umra police inspector J G Patel said, “Despite buying such a luxurious car, the owner did not bother to fix its number plates. Based on suspicion and multiple violations, we seized the car and issued an RTO memo to him. The car was being driven by Nikhil Prajapati without any valid papers.”

Porsche 718 Cayman worth Rs 1.5 crore without  proper documents seized by Surat police
Porsche Cayman seized

As seen in the video, the car looks brand new, and the yellow shade with the carbon fiber black bonnet looks extremely sporty. The car is parked right outside the police station and is attracting a lot of attention on the road. Police said that the car was bought by Nikhil Prajapati’s brother a few days back. The transfer of ownership along with the documents was yet to happen, and that is when Nikhil decided to take the car for a drive and got into trouble.

Driving a car on a public road without a proper registration number plate is a serious offense. In 2015, the Motor Vehicle Act section 50 was amended to ensure that all vehicles in India have a uniform number plate. All vehicles in India should display the mandatory registration plate. Private vehicles should have black letters with a white background, and commercial vehicles should have a yellow background with black letters. All alphabets and numerals on the plate should be in English and not in any other local language. There is a preset font size and number plate size in the rulebook too, but not many follow that.

If he really wanted to experience the car, Nikhil should have taken the car to a private track or closed road. Driving a car without a valid or no number plate can get you into serious trouble like this. The Porsche Cayman seen in the video is probably the 718 Cayman, which is powered by a 2.0-liter, turbocharged petrol engine that generates 295 Bhp and 380 Nm of peak torque. The ex-showroom price of this Porsche Cayman is Rs 1.48 crore.