Survey reveals shocking truth about Indian drivers

Survey reveals shocking truth about Indian drivers

Most of the car drivers who acquire the driving license in India are not trained by professionals. Driving knowledge is gained mostly gained from seniors in the family who tell us how to use the clutch to get the vehicle moving, changing the gears, bringing the car to stop and of course handling the steering wheel. Or friends or neighbourhood driving schoolwala, who are also in the same category.

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Here is a survey was done by Ford Motor Company and covered 9,500 drivers in 11 countries of Asia Pacific region. The survey also included the 1,023 Indian respondents. Based on the survey here are few findings that will help you to cut down your visits to the fuel pumps.

Harsh Acceleration, no problem. It is something that 40 percent of Indian drivers believes in. The fact is aggressive driving, like braking harshly or accelerating quickly is a major culprit of wasting fuel and bringing down the fuel efficiency.

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Keeping the engine on while idling is as good as the engine turned off. As many as 26 percent drivers believe that turning off engines while waiting at a traffic signal does not save the fuel in any way. The fact, however, says that turning off the engine while waiting at a traffic signal for more than 15 seconds can save a substantial amount of fuel.

Cruise control has nothing to do with fuel efficiency is what 78 percent drivers believe. The fact is cruise control is a modern day weapon against fuel wastage. Cruise control helps in maintaining a constant speed, which means that any the engine does not waste any fuel while accelerating unnecessarily. Cruise control also makes sure that you’re under the speed limit.

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Only 27 percent drivers know how to check GPS before heading out. Modern day navigation systems can give you a fair idea about traffic pile-ups and alternate routes. Using a GPS can tell you the quickest routes and can save you a lot of fuel, which would have been wasted otherwise while negotiating through traffic.

As many as 52 percent drivers did not know that driving in hilly areas can affect fuel efficiency fo the car. Mountain roads consist of uphill and downhill driving, much of which uses more fuel than what the car would have consumed while covering similar distance on the plains.

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73 percent people were unaware that cold weather affects the mileage of the vehicle, while 63 percent did not know that hot weather can play a role in fuel efficiency. The truth is that the car engine has an optimum temperature where it can perform most efficiently. During winters, the engine takes more time to reach this temperature, hence reducing the mileage.

In summer, car air conditioner can lower fuel efficiency. Wind resistance increases while driving at high-speed, hence windows should be rolled up and AC should be used while driving at a good speed. At lower speeds, keeping the windows down makes the car more fuel efficient.

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65 percent drivers did not know that removing heavy items from the can make the car more fuel efficient. An increase in weight by 20 kg can make the car less efficient by 1 percent. Heavier car, less economy.

One in three drivers is aware of the fact the regular servicing can help in saving more fuel. Regular service includes in regreasing the parts moving parts that generate a lot of friction. Also servicing the car regularly can identify the parts that have gone through a lot of wear and tear and replace them, hence increasing the efficiency.