Most idiotic accessories & modifications seen on SUVs in India

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Accessories are used to increase the practicality of a car or to enhance its aesthetic appeal in a positive way. Same is the case with SUVs, which probably have the most aftermarket fitment options available. While it is good to get such accessories for your SUV, some of them are absolutely unnecessary and even illegal. They defeat the purpose of the vehicle and make the owner look idiotic in general eyes. Also, many of them are very common and people don’t even know what harm can they inflict. Here’s a look at some of the most unnecessary and idiotic accessories that are seen on SUVs around the country.

Bull bars

Most idiotic accessories & modifications seen on SUVs in India

This has been said and repeated since a long time. Bull bars do not make your SUVs safe but rather put you into far more dangerous position in case of a head on collision. This is because they interfere with the working or airbags. There have been many cases where airbags didn’t deploy even after collision. Also, the impact of a collision is directly transferred to the chassis and passengers. This happens because the car’s crumple zones do not take on the impact directly and they do not absorb the impact altogether. It is one of those things that may look tough but actually don’t serve any purpose.

Roof top lamps on 2WD SUV

Most idiotic accessories & modifications seen on SUVs in India

Again a useless accessory. Also, it is illegal to install lamps above the height of headlights as per the law. This is because roof top lamps blind the oncoming traffic and are not needed during regular driving conditions. They are especially useless on 2WD vehicles, which probably won’t even ever go off the road. 4WD SUVs which go off road regularly can be equipped with roof top lamps of LED bars. This is done to provide them with extra illuminating power which is needed during off roading in dark. However, they should be kept covered and used only where necessary.

Pressure/high power horns

Most idiotic accessories & modifications seen on SUVs in India

This is something that has been experienced by almost everyone in India. Big brash horns with loud and shrill noise are a pain to ears and livelihood. According to the law, using horns that produce sound above a particular level is illegal and can result into confiscation of the SUV in question. True that SUVs have big bodies but that does not mean that one should match their size with huge horns. Such horns also create panic among the masses when used in public. Therefore, stick with the manufacturer provided unit or follow the permissible noise limit while buying an aftermarket horn.

Lowered body kits


Why buy a SUV when you eventually have to lower it. SUVs are build to be tough and have high ground clearance in order to tackle rough terrain. Many people modify their SUVs to gain extra ground clearance so that the vehicle can go off road easily. Body lowering kits are supposed to be installed on sedans, coupes or hatchbacks in a bid to make them look sporty. However, in a country like ours where roads are riddles with potholes, it is not advisable to install a lowering kit even on other forms of vehicles, leave alone SUVs. It makes no sense to buy a butch SUV and then make it wear skirts.

Extremely huge tires on 2WD SUVs

Most idiotic accessories & modifications seen on SUVs in India

Tires are one of the most important element of an SUV which goes on regular off road adventures. This is because special off road spec tires provide the extra traction and grip necessary to get over the wild terrain. However, there is a new trend to install big block tires on almost any SUV, whether it is capable of going off road or not. What is the point of shelling out extra money on huge tires and rims when your SUV is a 2WD and will never be able to utilize the tire’s potential. Also, big tires affect fuel efficiency negatively and also alter the vehicle handling and ride setup.

Big rims with low profile tires

Most idiotic accessories & modifications seen on SUVs in India

Again a bummer, this trend is also catching up fast across the country. This defeats the most vital purpose of a SUV and makes it look like its riding on stilts. Low profile tires are mean to be performance oriented tires and are mostly used in sports cars. They are fitted on large rims that make the overall appearance of a car look good. However, that is not what a SUV is meant for. SUVs are fitted with big tires and small rims on purpose. They provide the SUV with the extra strength and traction required. If you want to fit them with stylish low profile rims, SUVs are not what you should buy folks.