SUV & MPV sales in June 2012: Mahindra on top

The Indian SUV-MPV market hasn’t seen any major changes in terms of sales this month. Here we take a look at the SUVs and MPVs that sold the most and those which sold the least.

SUV & MPV sales in June 2012: Mahindra on top

Best sellers

The Mahindra Bolero, Toyota Innova, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, Mahindra Scorpio and Mahindra XUV500 held the top five spots in terms of sales this June. The Bolero sold 9,514 units, the highest, although it is a few units short of its sales in May which had hit 9,584 units.

The Innova came in taking the second spot with a sale of 6,785 units which is slightly more than the 6,710 units it had sold in May. The Ertiga sold 5,400 units but despite of being third on the sales chart this number is a drop of roughly 1,400 units from May. In May the Ertiga had sold 6,802 units. The Scorpio and XUV500 sold 3,621 units and 3,452 units respectively.

Worst sellers

The Nissan X-Trail, Tata Aria, Chevrolet Captiva, Renault Koleos and Honda CR-V graced the bottom end of the sales chart with dismal sales figures. While the Captiva’s sales may go up once the new Captiva is freely available at dealerships others may not be so fortunate.

The X Trail sold only 9 units this month, followed by the Aria which sold 17 units and the Captiva which sold 31 units. The Aria has in fact seen a drop from May when it had sold 67 units. The Koleos and the CR-V sold 43 units and 45 units respectively. This is a jump upwards for both the Koleos and the CR-V as they had sold 17 units and 21 units in respectively in May.

Skoda Yeti jumps up: The Skoda Yeti was probably the only car that saw an interesting rise in sales with a sale of 168 units in June compared to the 82 units they had sold in May.