What to do when your SUV gets stuck in sand: Recovery process explained with Ford Endeavour & Toyota Fortuner [Video]

One of the favourite past time of SUV owners is taking their priced possessions off the road to know more about the capabilities of their machines. The off-road culture is still budding in our country and there are few groups who on a regular basis go and explore off-road territories. One of the biggest nightmares of any person going off-road is the car getting stuck at a place with no one to help around. Here we have one such video that explains the whole recovery process in case your SUV gets stuck in sand during your off-road experience.

The video has been uploaded by Anshuman Bishnoi on his youtube channel. The video shows vehicles like Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner getting stuck in sand and the process of recovering them from the sand. First SUV in the video is a Ford Endeavour. Rear wheels are completely stuck in sand and acceleration is doing more harm than good in this situation. A couple of people come up and remove the sand around the wheel and rear of the Endeavour. Then the driver slowly reverses the vehicle and takes it out of the sand. Second vehicle is again an Endeavour, but this time all the four wheels are stuck and engine is touching the ground. This makes it difficult to move forward as it is completely beached. same strategy of removing the sand around the wheels is applied here also and the driver puts in gentle throttle response after that and brings the car out.

Another car that got stuck in the video is the Toyota Fortuner. A different approach is taken to bring the vehicle out in this case. Fortuner is winched out by an Isuzu. a rope has been tied to the Fortuner which is connected to a electric winch on the Isuzu. The Isuzu slowly starts winching and the Fortuner accelerates slowly to bring the SUV out. Same strategy is used for an Endeavour as well, but here the car is stuck in a place where it can’t go forward or in reverse. So the winch is tied on the rear of the Endeavour to change the direction of the car and slowly bring it out.

What to do when your SUV gets stuck in sand: Recovery process explained with Ford Endeavour & Toyota Fortuner [Video]

There are few things that should be noted while winching out a vehicle. while using winch to pull out a stuck vehicle, it is always good to keep the area clear and cover the rope with a blanket as it is possible that the rope might break under tension and injure people standing nearby. Another thing to be kept in mind is not to go for such adventures alone. always go in groups, so that even if one of the vehicle gets stuck or something goes wrong, you are not stranded in the middle of nowhere.